1st Annual West Toronto Classic
Toronto, ON
November 12, 2005

created by user yuie2000

Conditions: Partly Sunny 11 C


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 April Boultbee 7:52 F 33 From Can Alexander Keith's
2 Rob Mitchell 7:59 M 34 From Can Molson Canadian
3 Melanie Boultbee 8:36 F 33 From Can Alexander Keith's
4 Kathy Zeman 8:49 F 30 From Can Alexander Keith's

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Race Notes:

1. April Boultbee 7:52 F Alexander Keith's
2. Rob Mitchell 7:59 M Molson Canadian
3. Melanie Boultbee 8:36 F Alexander Keith's
4. Kathy Zeman 8:49 F Alexander Keith's

We had a unique Beer Mile event in which the female competitors outnumbered the males by 3 to 1. As well we had a female who was the overall winner.

Below is a race recap
Hey everyone,
Well, today was the Beer Mile.
Neither of us has ever done this before. The rules go like this. We run on a 400m track. There is a 10 metre transition zone. We start by drinking a beer, run a lap and repeat 4 times. No puking allowed or you have to do a penalty lap.
Competitors Choice of beer
April Keith's
Melanie Keith's
Kathie Keith's
Rob Canadian ?!

We met up with the other competitors and spectators at a nearby track. We were all a little apprehensive about the whole affair. April and I were not feeling speedy after the marathon in October and the cross-country race last weekend. Rob, the sole male competitor, just ran the NYC marathon last weekend. Kathie was game but not feeling too speedy.
We all did a lap or two of warm-up and scoped the area for interlopers.

So we all warmed up on the deserted track and Mike- the organizer-reviewed the rules. We posed for the initial pics, holding our first beer, and then the race started. Pop. pop, pop, pop went our beer cans as we all opened the first one and started chugging. I think we all agreed that the first one would be the easiest to drink. For some odd reason, none of us moved up to the end of the transition zone while drinking until Mike mentioned it. Ah, the glory of the first lap! Mel took off first- tossing her can into the infield. Rob quickly followed and April and Kathie were not too far behind.

Man, running 400m while burping from beer is not easy. I'm sure each of us were wondering as we rounded the track, "Is this just burp or could it be a puking moment?" 1 lap down, 3 more to go. Rob passed Mel on the first lap and entered the transition zone (10m) with a big lead! Beers were quickly popped and drinking commenced. The 2nd beer was harder to down now we had partially full stomachs and were out of breath. Drinking was harder this time. Rob was in the lead running-wise, and he finished his beer quickly as well. Off he went while the 3 girls kept drinking. April managed to get out of transition first with Kathie quickly following and finally Mel. I think we all agreed that attempting to chug a beer while breathless is not the easiest thing to do. Burp, burp, burp we all went as we rounded the track. Oh, this is harder than it seems! The possibility of puking and the certainty of the extra penalty lap loomed on all our minds.

3rd lap. Rob once again beat April into the transition zone. Kathie followed and Melanie was last. But now the race was getting interesting as April's drinking prowess was getting better than Rob's. Mel and Kathie were dueling it out on the run portion. Kathie is a better drinker than Mel and beat Mel out of transition again. Meanwhile, April managed to chug her beer faster but Rob passed her on the final 150m. Oh the race is getting interesting now!!

4th lap and final beer. We are all in the transition zone, breathless, more than a little full and desperately trying to down that final beer. Holy Sh*t! Did April ever slam that one down! The rest of us were in awe :-) Mel thought to herself, " F*ck, how did she do that?" She was around the first bend before Rob managed to take off in hot pursuit. April gave it all she had in the last lap as she didn't want Rob to pass her in the final metres. Would he be able to catch her?

Meanwhile at the transition zone, Kathie and Mel were duking it out. Oh no, Kathie had a near puking moment! Mike, the official, quickly ruled it " Not a vomit"and they continued to finish their beer. Despite the near puke, Kathie showed great fortitude and took off in 3rd place. Well, Mel was not going to finish last and put in an all out sprint on the final lap to pass Kathie.

Finally, the end!!!! At least we hoped it was the end; at that point we had lost track of laps and beer! April prayed that it was the last lap and beer as she kicked it in for the final 100m. Mel too.
April managed to hold off Rob in that final lap, and Mel gave great chase and passed Kathie in the last 300m and finished in 3rd place.

Final results: April 7:52
Rob, 7:59
Mel 8:36
Kathie 8:49

** apologies to Kathie for not remembering her final time!

Final thoughts. A fun time! Glad the track was deserted. We all felt somewhat intoxicated afterwards (now, that's an understatement!). Burping was plentiful as we all rehashed the race (and weaved about unsteadily) and compared drinking strategies. We all agreed that drinking strategy was the key to winning. April apparently is the best drinker :-) While Rob is faster in the Wednesday night speed work group, apparently he just doesn't have what it takes when it comes down to the wire :-))))) Ok. Sure. he just ran a marathon, but that's no excuse! :-)))

Next time we do this, it will be summer when we are not all tired from marathons. :-) and we want more competition. Any takers??

Melanie and April Boultbee
Toronto, ON