2012 Manitoba Winter beermile
Winnipeg, MB
March 17, 2012

created by user viper

Conditions: 20 degrees, clear skies, no wind


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Nationality Beer Notes
1 Corey Gallagher 5:23 M From Bottle Kokanee Gold Broke his own Manitoba beermile record by over 20s. It was also his birthday
2 Zach Cuppa 7:24 M From Can Budweiser
3 Devan Pohl 7:50 M From Can Lucky Would have been faster if he didn't start to celebrate like an idiot at the Mile start line, instead of the finish.
4 stephen Campbell 7:50 M From Can Kokanee
5 Cougar Hunter 8:40 M From Can Budweiser Ran the race dressed as Mario and wore a fanny pack.
6 alex bronson 8:45 M From Can kokanee
7 Casey Gergely 9:45 M From Can Budweiser Won the first puke award. Made it just around the first bend of the first lap.
8 Tyrone Welchinski 10:03 M From Can O.V Ran the beermile, ran the 4x100m,did the post race boat-race, did the celebration shotguns, than went to work.
9 Matt Odger 10:10 M
10 Justine Stromberg 10:14 F From Can Lucky First Female Finisher, puked all over the place as usual.
11 Kevin Empy 10:14 M From Bottle Moosehead
12 Conrad Drover 10:17 M From Can Kokanee
13 Sheldon Kilcullen 10:29 M From Bottle Sam Adams Winter Lager His team won the beer 4x100m race
14 Steve Wetton 10:47 M From Can kokanee
15 Josh Cumberfield 10:53 M From Can Brewhouse
16 Ryan Paradis 11:15 M From Can Kokanee
17 Travis Hallgrimson 11:21 M From Can Lucky
18 Mike Seaman 11:23 M From Can Lucky
19 Jacky Phaelon 11:35 F From Can Budweiser She had to be the happiest person on the start line
20 Elliot Cooke 12:00 M From Can Variety-Pack Earned himself a Beermile Cub-scout patch
21 Chase Porter 12:01 M From Can kokanee
22 Doug Scott 12:06 M From Can Gold Strong 6.3% beer, what an awful person.
23 William Obama 12:22 M From Can Budweiser
24 Andrew Schellenburg 12:49 M From Can boxer Slept in, showed up 30 minutes late, ran the entire beermile by himself. Puked all over the place
25 Spencer Wisensel 13:03 M From Can Budweiser
26 Kyle Berg 13:15 M From Can Lucky Ran in spikes
27 Jacinda Smit 13:26 F From Can Keiths
28 Zach Durand 13:45 M From Can Lucky Lost 2 back to back games of dodgebeer to Sheldon and Jon
29 Justin Brown 14:00 M From Can Lucky
30 Travis Toet 14:09 M From Can Brewhouse
31 Lucas P 14:15 M From Can Bud LITE what kind of guy shows up with Bud Lite to a drinking contest? oh really you want to drink water whilst the rest of us drink beer. that sounds fair I guess? You get tossed from places around here for showing up with that kinda hog-wash
32 peter Doroshuk 14:30 M From Can O.V ran the entire beermile while smoking cigarettes. Was not even going to show up untill Tyrone called Jon and asked him to beat Peter at RPS over the phone to run it. Peter clearly lost.
33 Alex Bell 14:31 F From Can Budweiser Had a pyramid of people land on her face after the beermile
34 devan Wilson 14:54 M From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon who brings lite beer to a beermile? this guy apparently
35 All-Black Costume 14:54 M No Info on this person
36 Jon Kilcullen 14:59 M From Can Canadian Meet Organizer. Puked pretty much everywhere after betting a shotgun he would run under 11 minutes. Race was dedicated to Dave Weston
37 Patrick Kelly 14:59 M From Can Canadian Puked
38 Patrick Beckett 15:19 M From Can Moosehead Oh, there was some puking
39 Arms 15:29 M From Can Budweiser ran in spikes
40 Leah Montsion 15:58 F From Can Kokanee A bet was wagered on whether or not she would show up. Scraggles lost, Jon won. Oh she was also very hung-over
41 Karen 15:58 F From Can Budweiser The After-party was alittle more than rough on her.
42 Tyson Hart 16:45 M Ran the Tail-Gate out of the back of his truck after the race
43 Cole 17:10 M
44 Berny 17:28 M From Can Kieths
45 Sponge Bob 17:37 M From Can Kokanee
46 Jason ancelin 18:05 M From Can Kokanee
47 Haley Watts 18:10 F From Can Budweiser
48 Audrey Blanco 18:10 F From Can Budweiser
49 Big T 18:12 M From Can Brewhouse ran the race dressed as Luigi. Puked many times
50 Dallas Zanewich 18:39 M From Can kokanee
51 Peter Grewal 19:30 M From Can Variety-Pack He showed up to watch, lost RPS to sheldon and had to run it.
52 Alex L 19:30 F From Can Variety-Pack
53 Josh Zanewich 19:45 M From Can Kokanee
54 Greg GrapeJuice 20:20 M From Can Budweiser
55 Jordan Saccucci 21:05 M From Can Boxer
56 John Ziesnann 26:32 M From Can Budweiser
57 Bryan Johnstone 27:10 M From Can kokanee

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Race Notes:

The term "winter" is used loosely here as there was no snow and it was a beautiful day. This was the largest Beermile ever held in manitoba, it was also the first to have a tail-gate party.