2012 New Zealand Beer Mile Champs
Tauranga, New Zealand
May 26, 2012

created by user ckone

Conditions: Fine


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


Race Site

Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Kerry Suter 6:37 M From Can VB NZ Champ on debut, and looked good in his wee dress
2 Matt Bos 7:00 M From Can VB Semi naked chef
3 Owen Miller 7:30 M From Can VB Awesome Penguin onesie
4 Saul Webb 7:42 M From Can VB Not bad for a cyclist
5 Matthew Strange 8:00 M From Can VB Went for the aero look in his speedos & spikes
6 Darrin Hayson 8:01 M From Can VB The race he was born for
7 Nick Lawson 8:01 M From Can VB Looks like the big rig has found his event
8 Chris Townley 8:09 M From Can VB Wonderful effort from wonder woman
9 Andrew Lloyd 8:23 M From Can VB Avanti represent
10 Craig Kirkwood 8:32 M From Can VB Bruno managed to limp around despite a hamstring strain
11 Nick Portas 8:45 M From Can VB
12 Tim Fergusson 8:45 M From Can VB No bmx allowed here....solid effort
13 Adian Dunster 9:22 M From Can VB The Dictator
14 Cam Neilson 9:29 M From Can VB
15 Adrian Lysaght 10:12 M From Can VB
16 Jayden Sabin 10:14 M From Can VB
17 Aaron Crawford 10:23 M From Can VB Whangarei represent
18 Iain MacDonald 10:23 M From Can VB Most outrageous outfit - red womens teddy with pink undies. All kinds of wrong!
19 Kat Walbert 10:26 F From Can VB NZ Champ on debut for the RATS bossy bitch
20 Troy Macrae 10:46 M From Can VB Best costume award goes to Pantyshield man....outstandingly funny
21 Charlotte Pearson 10:52 F From Can VB Great effort from the Penguin
22 Grant Louie 11:16 M From Can VB
23 Todd Davidson 11:16 M From Can VB I wouldn't sit on this Santa's knee!
24 Jess Lawson 11:29 F From Can VB Ski bunny
25 Daniel Amies 11:30 M From Can VB This cocky jockey got on the wrong horse
27 Ben Bennett 11:45 M From Can VB Fantastic effort after arriving from Europe only 2hrs before the race started
28 Neil Brebner 12:02 M From Can VB Affrotastic
29 Chris Morrissey 12:25 M From Can VB This netball skirt wearing, trail running demon needs to learn to drink
30 Ken Lewis 12:30 M From Can VB
31 Andy Chappell 12:45 M From Can VB First time i've seen a fairy puke
32 Angus Bell 12:45 M From Can VB Flying Chicken
33 Ben Ruthe 13:48 M From Bottle VB Standard rubbish performance from the fastest miler in the field. He even had a chair to sit in whilst drinking!
34 Chris Rhodes 13:59 M From Can VB Doc1
35 Adam Garner 13:59 M From Can VB Doc2
36 Kyle MacDonald 15:19 M From Can VB He'll probably pull the diabetes card after this performance

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