3rd Annual Holiday Classic Beer Mile 2005
Thiells, NY
December 29, 2005

created by user Nrbeermile

Conditions: Light Rain 45 degrees, felt like 40 degrees and strong wind coming from the northwest


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Tiger Woods 7:59 M 18 From Can Budweiser This wasn't really Tiger Woods, he wanted to be anoymous for personal reasons, set new PB, course, and meet record and was crowned the MVP Award
2 C- Lo 8:01 M 18 From Can Budweiser Also wanted to be anoymous for personal reasons, first time running it set a fast new pb and was named Rookie of the Meet
3 Ryan Friedman 11:48 M 18 From Can Budweiser Defending Champion, yacked a couple of times but set new record in fastest beer chug 15 seconds
4 James Emigh 13:24 M 18 From Can Budweiser first time and was our first represenative from Albertus
5 Matt Dimola 14:49 M 20 From Can Bud Light set a New PB, didn't yack for the first time ever and finally ditched his partner in crime Al, Most Improved Award winner
6 Mike Cespedes 15:25 M 30 From Can Budweiser Didn't finish all of his beer , recieved a penatly lap and got the Dumbass Award
7 Dennis Gutierrez DNF M 20 From Can Budweiser It just wasn't DB's day today
8 Orlando Rivera DNF M 19 From Can Budweiser throw up of the day for this guy, philly cheese steak everywhere, Best throw up Award
9 Jeff Schlesinger DNF M 18 From Can Budweiser Another DNF for this guy, his time will come

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Race Notes:

A very good turnout for the 3rd Annual Holiday Beer Mile Classic, which was held at North Rockland High School. There were 10 competitors, 9 men and one lady. The weather was a bit chilly and strong winds occured throughout the race.
After a short warmup and few strides,we started the meet off with armory-like introductions. Finally the gun went off at around 9:50. Ryan "Phil" Friedman(defending champion and course and meet record holder) took the early lead chugging his beer in 15 seconds. Tiger Woods and C-lo closely followed. Phil finished the 1st quarter in 1:30 By the second beer/lap, things started to slow down a little bit for the other competitors but not for the lead pack. Phil was still leading after the 2nd beer but lost it during the second lap. Then, tiger woods passed him and came thru the half in 3:29 while Phil mantained second and C-low in 3rd. During the 3rd beer,all hell brokeloose when Phil yacks all over lane 1 and recieves a one lap penatly and C-lo chugged his 3rd beer like a mad man and took the lead for the first time. Tiger takes notice of this and finishes his 3rd beer right behind C-lo. With about 100 meters to go in the 3rd lap, Tiger flies by C-lo to regain the lead. Now on the 4th beer, you can really start to feel the tension. Tiger finishes his 4th beer before C-lo and has about a 75 meter lead when C-lo finally finished his 4th beer. C-lo's only hope for the victory was to have a strong last lap. His stride was as wide as it could get and he slowly started to catch Tiger Woods, but Tiger wasn't slowing down either and Tiger Woods held off the strong kick by C-lo with finishing times of 7.59.0 and 8.01.0. Both times shattered the old course and meet record by 1:24.0. After the race, Tiger said he threw up in his mouth with about 50 meters to go but held that shit in until he crossed the finished line. What a race! Tiger Woods gets the MVP Award and C-lo recieves the Rookie of the Meet Award. Congrats. As for Phil he missed his PB by 2 and half minutes but still finished respectively in 3rd place. 4th place went to the rookie James Emigh with a time of 13:24.0 and Matt Dimola rounded out the top 5 with a time of 14:49.0. This was a PB for Dimola and finally a good showing after his usual pussy 20 + minutes in years past but meet officials are giving Dimola the Most Improved Award. In sixth place, was El Caballo with a time of 15:25.0. This nigga Mike was a real bitch because around the 2nd beer he was in good positioning but when meet officials checked his beer he had about a quarter of beer left. After some discussion, The officials ruled a one lap penatly to the uneducated El Caballo. Also, he did it again on the 3rd beer and the other runners were getting pissed off and wanted him DQ'd but the officals felt bad for the dumbass and let him finish the race. As a result, El Caballo recieves the Dumbass Award for his actions. Julie Vilord, the lone girl competitor in the race gets the Most Puke Award for her countless number of throw ups. As a consolation, she did finish the race in 22.28.0 for a 7th place finish missing Taniesha Canatave meet and course record of sub 20 minutes. There were 3 DNF's this year thanks to Jeff Schelsinger, Al Rivera, and DB MURDOCK. I believe this is Jeff's 2nd DNF in as many races, hopefully the 3rd time is a charm for him and maybe he can finish a race. As for Rivera, this DNF was expected of him since his previous races have been over 20+ minutes and possibly even over 30 minutes. Al would later say, "If I don't think I'm going to break 20 minutes, then Im a quit." That is a true champion right there. But, Rivera did recieve the Best Puke Award, when he threw up his philly cheese steak all over lane 3. As for DB Murdock, the winner of the First Annual Holiday Beer Mile Classic, wasn't even in contention when the gun went off. By the 3rd beer Murdock threw in the towel and after Al yacked he started to make offers that he would eat an onion from the throw up for 40 bucks. Now that is one sick fuck right there. In the end, it was a great meet. A new champion was crowned and a new course and meet record was broken at North Rockland High School. Congratulations to all of the competitors who finished and to those who didn't better luck next year.