Snow & Ice Beer Mile
Bronx, NY
December 20, 2013

created by user BeerBronxville

Conditions: snow & ice on the track!


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 SASHKO 8:17 M 30 From Can Budweiser winner in a blistering 8:17 debut aided by BEER written on the back of his socks
2 Matt Soja 9:00 M 30 From Bottle Shiner Bock ran shirtless, in shorts in December; wants to make it a weekly thing?! and suggests we do it again the very next night , we’re questioning his sanity, a PR by 1:22
3 Anna Mal 11:35 F 30 From Can Budweiser curled up in a fetal position on the (wet) track upon beer mile completion, debut
4 Carolyn Bronxville 11:51 F 30 From Can Blue Moon ‘that was a burp and then beer came out, I totally did not spew’, NOT a PR
5 Alison Superwoman 12:10 F 30 From Can Budweiser ran in a super outfit fit for Halloween & beer miles, complete with super capes on her socks, debut
6 Ari Gold 12:53 M 30 From Can Model Especial debut
7 Lori Craze 13:53 F 30 From Can Budweiser debut
8 Eileen Tilly 14:08 F 30 From Can Heinekein counts as a snowy condition PR surely NOT a PR
9 Laura Notlast 23:40 F 30 From Can Miller did not come in last place, a PR by approx. 12 minutes and 20 seconds!!!!
10 Matt Tropical Island Runner 25:00 M From Can Tropical Island beer made his mother proud
11 Hank the Tank 26:40 M 30 From Can Budweiser came in (2nd to) last, yet finished first in the victory lap debut
12 Emily Tropical Island Runner 31:00 F 30 From Can Tropical Island beer made her mother proud

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Race Notes:

On the last day of Fall 2013, in treacherous conditions, with ice & snow on the track.

Support provided by: The Ghost, shoveling; Dave, King of Beers, King of Timers, timing; P, spikes providing; A & her brother course marshals on standby in case anyone got lost or ran off track; M & his brother, medical assistance on standby ready to put M’s newly graduated first responded skills to use if needed; and B who stood under the mistletoe and officially kissed the Fall goodbye and welcomed the Winter Solstice hello.