DFAL 'Alumni' Beer Mile
Moraga, CA
December 22, 2014

created by user wcpines

Conditions: Dark and overcast


Video Link

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Colby Pines 5:41.2 M 24 From Bottle Bud Platinum PR
2 Nate Beach 5:41.7 M 25 From Can Budweiser
3 Justin Pines 5:56 M 29 From Bottle Bud Platinum PR

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Race Notes:

- Posted this months ago but i guess not for official approval

- My name is Colby--the one racing against Nate Beach (world record holder for eggnog mile)

- It's pretty much too dark to verify anything visually, but you can hear verbal corroboration of the winning time. I out-kick Nate in the last 10 or 20 meters to run 5:41