3rd Irish Beer Mile Championships 2015
National Beer Mile Stadium: kilbogget park: Dublin: Ireland
June 13, 2015

created by user dfitzer1

Conditions: 18 degrees celsius. Calm sunny evening.


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Cathal Dennehy 5:50 M 28 From Bottle Blue Moon National champion. Sensational debut. Needs to work on chugging to make world class
2 Kevin English 5:51 M 34 From Bottle Moosehead Pipped on the line, master chugger. Whoever robbed his top, give it back for the love of God
3 Anthony Flannery 6:09 M 30 From Bottle Moosehead For once backed up his trash talk. Another national medal in the bag
4 Fergal Connolly 7:14 M 32 From Bottle Moosehead Not bad for an ultra walker
5 Alastair Higgins 7:18 M 41 From Bottle Brooklyn Summer Ale Lucky not to be lynched in his Scotland singlet
6 David Fitzpatrick 8:14 M 37 From Bottle Moosehead The people's champion. Should have retired at the top
7 Niall Campbell 8:25 M 37 From Bottle Moosehead El frotho comes good at last, still has reason to complain though.
8 Peter Daniel 8:27 M 33 From Bottle Moosehead Discovered that an 19 mile run before the beermile is not the way to go
9 KielyUnusual 8:48 M New hipster world record. Would have been quicker but his fixie bike has him wrecked.
10 Adrian Roche 9:17 M From Bottle Boags Solid debut. Hope he didn't cycle home
11 Pacing Mule 9:47 M 38 From Bottle Moosehead Arsenal's biggest fan with a solid debut
12 Adrian Lanigan 9:58 M 38 From Bottle Moosehead Injured himself (5 stitches) opening post race celebration beer. Still made the pub after. Legend
13 Timmay 10:14 M The flying Wicklow man. Superb last lap.
14 Dave Meehan 10:29 M 52 From Bottle Sierra Nevada IPA The oldest competitor on the night. Maybe the oldest competitor of all time?
15 James Sullivan 10:36 M 30 From Bottle Moosehead Not bad for a track fairy. Cramped badly while trying to catch the bus. Typical!
16 Simon Wielens 10:42 M 28 From Bottle Moosehead Good debut and seems to have learned a lot from the 2015 championships
17 Shels4ever 10:44 M 38 From Bottle Moosehead 2 race in 24 months. Both have been beer miles. A disgrace
18 Stan 11:18 M Ich liebe Bier
19 DrQ 11:27 M From Bottle Moosehead Managed not to abuse anyone verbally (until he got to the pub)
20 Kevin Nolan 12:15 M 29 From Bottle Moosehead One to watch for the future. Needs to get his mid race belching and farting sorted
21 emeraldjava 14:55 M 35 From Bottle Moosehead World record for a moose drinking beer and running a mile
22 Mike DNF Couldn't take the fact that the track fairy was beating him
23 Ron Gommal DNF Spiderman would have been disgusted

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Race Notes:

3rd running of the Irish Beer Mile Championships. Cathal Dennehy became the new national Irish champion and in doing so smashed the official Irish beer mile record