Dundas Beer Mile III; The Trilogy
Dundas, ON, Canada
June 20, 2015

created by user O2BCool

Conditions: 17℃ Feels like 17℃ 10 km/h SE wind Humidity 72%


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Name Time Gender Age Nationality Beer Notes
1 Gregory Lariviere 7:13 M 23 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde 3-Peat Champion. Dynasty in the making.
2 Gavin Hall 8:05 M 33 From Can Coors Banquet No longer 'Gavin Who'; 2-time runner up.
3 Jason St Denis 8:06 M 31 From Can Molson Canadian No Chunder this year, but keeps the trophy. Vaults up the standings.
4 Neil Taylor 8:20 M 36 From Can Sleeman Cream Ale Added a spectacular accoutrement to his weiner-shorts costume.
5 Ryan Beale 9:07 M 36 From Can Coors Banquet Amazing showing after running hist first marathon earlier the same day; may have invented a new Beer Mile category.
6 Ben Jurkovic 9:32 M 29 From Can Molson Canadian Brushed off the rash and busted out a great time.
7 Glenn Hulme 9:50 M 43 From Can Presidents' Choice IPA CrossFit Master, but can still hammer the beers.
8 Grace Panoff 10:41 F 52 From Can Labatt's Blue Cruises to her 2nd championship in consecutive years.
9 Ron Lariviere 11:10 M 65 From Bottle Hoptical Illusion Masterful performance, on the heels of a mountain marathon on his 65th birthday.
10 Jerry Liu 13:43 M 27 From Can Molson Canadian Found his new sweet-spot...running 'n beers.
11 Steve Smith 14:06 M 54 From Can Budweiser Followed up his first Boston with a PB Beer mile.
12 Paul Mitchell 15:42 M 55 From Can Budweiser Refused to fight this year...was more a lover.
13 Sonya Maheux 17:19 F 41 From Can Coors Banquet 4th Ninja Turtle, but had the scariest pair of nunchucks.
14 Jim Richards 18:33 M 40 From Can Sleeman Cream Ale Pushed the limits of his nickname.
15 Trano 20:34 M 37 From Can Sleeman Cream Ale Judges are still looking at the tape. Thinking is he drank 5 beers and ran 5 laps. Rules lost in translation.
16 John M Campbell 20:43 M 53 From Can Old Milwaukee The kilt & big mitts slowed him down. Last male finisher; chicked twice.
17 Michelle Crevier 20:56 F 23 From Can Canadian First time Beer Miler, and did it in front of her Mom, dressed as a Ninja Turtle! Purple Heart for that...
18 Bonnie Doan 23:39 F 33 From Can Budweiser Another new Beer Mile entrant. Jumped in with both feet, plus her ear buds.
19 Liz Dowling 31:05 F 39 From Can Budweiser Changed from an Angel into a Ninja Turtle. Made the transition seamlessly.
20 Lorraine Gavloski 31:06 F 42 From Can Brava 5.5% Showed off big time, not just with the costime but with the 5.5% race brewskies. Over-achiever.
21 Janice Morton 31:49 F 46 From Can Sleeman Cream Ale Past Champion; Obviously has established new personal goals. Didn't have the weiner-power in '15.
22 Alanna Wood 38:07 F 30 From Can Steamwhistle 2-Time Beer Miler who looks to be starting a long Beer Mile career.

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Race Notes:

On a warm and partly cloudy night, 13 males, 4 females, 4 Ninja Turtles, and 1 SOB gathered for the 3rd consecutive running of The Dundas Beer Mile.