Folsom Beer Mile
Folsom, CA, USA
July 4, 2015

created by user agonsalv

Conditions: Sunny, dry, 95F hot.


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Lee Piercy 7:46 M 45 From Can Coors Winner
2 Mark Evans 9:23 M 55 From Can Coors Runner Up
3 Nick Weathersby 9:57 M 25 From Can Coors
4 Alan Gonsalves 10:19 M 47 From Can Coors
5 Jim Gordon DNF M 45 From Can Coors
6 Nicole McIntyre DNF F 23 From Can Coors

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Race Notes:

First Folsom Beer Mile run in the beautiful Parkway trails. 6 competitors competing according to official beer mile rules.