Beer Mile 3: The June Spectacular
Bronx, NY, United States
June 5, 2015

created by user BeerBronxville


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Lager Lout 10:02 M 55 2nd beer mile, 2nd fastest beer mile time
2 Carolyn Bronxville 11:43 F 37 tossed her coors after the 2nd lap, time includes 2 min penalty lap
3 Matt S 14:07 M 32 There is no worse feeling in running than hitting the wall in the beer mile. Went out way too hard with a 14-seconds opening chug
4 The Graduate 2015 18:50 F 22 DNF. 18:50 at the 3/4 mark, then couldn't go on. Made her parents proud at her recent graduation, Did not make them as proud at her DNF tonight. She still has their support: from the sidelines dad told her to chug faster & as DD they still gave her a lift home

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Race Notes:

The spectacular failure