Initiation Cross-Country USherbrooke
Sherbrooke, PQ
September 30, 2006

created by user jcadovius

Conditions: Soir, 12 *C, ciel clair


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Julien Bouchard 6:15.9 M 21 From Can Budweiser boutch domination (on their first beer mile)
2 JF Gosselin 6:38 M 20 From Can Molson Ex Echappe sa gosse au 3e ramasse au 4e
3 Remi Bouchard 7:29 M 19 From Can Budweiser well dress and already drunk on the start line, on his first beer mile
4 Micael Boulet 7:31 M 24 From Can Heineken Simulated 3 beermiles in his living room days before the actual race
5 Fran?ois Menard 8:14 M 24 From Can Milwaukee's Best Silver F**kin bullet
6 Mathilde Batailler 10:35 F 20 From Can Bar Stool Faire du yoga saoule dans le gazon cest bien plus fun! Delire a la francaise..
7 Gabriel Paquin 10:54 M 19 From Can Coors Light
8 Johann Nobleaux 10:54 M 23 From Can Labatt Bleue Do Da Best To Stay Da Best
9 William Adam 11:36 M 19 From Can Molson Dry
10 Fran?ois Garant 11:47 M 21 From Can Coors Light
11 Kristell Sanquer 12:28 F 22 From Can Labatt Bleue Imported from France
12 Emilie Robitaille 13:07 F 26 From Can Cold Shots
13 James Poulin-Cadovius 14:27 M 21 From Can Milwaukee's Best Final Lap in :55.9, 4min. pr
14 Felix Gagnon-Jalbert 15:06 M 24 From Can Alberta's Best Enjoyed a nice cigarette before running the mile.
15 Mariane Trepanier 16:00 F 23 From Can Smirnoff Ice Wow, le monde tourne autour de moi!
16 Frederick Bouchard 17:22 M 22 From Can Molson Ex
17 Maxime Lajoie 17:30 M 22 From Can Budweiser Final lap in 2:10, loves the NB
18 Marc-Andre Roy 19:22 M 21 From Can Labatt Bleue The KING is in the town
19 Marilaine Savard 22:00 F 19 From Can Budweiser Wedwool is on fire rolling on the track!!!!
20 Gabrielle Trepanier 22:10 F 20 From Can Smirnoff Ice
21 Genevieve Baril-Guerard 23:15 F 23 From Can Smirnoff Ice Chug bobette! Chug bobette!
22 Christopher Campbell 25:56 M 22 From Can Bud Light penality lap for throwing up....oups.. left my mark on the grass
23 Anne Laforce-Tremblay 26:14 F 22 From Can Budweiser Mention merite pour le plus haut pourcentage sanguin d'alcool
24 Mireille Rodrigue 26:17 F 19 From Can Bud Light not representative for a beauceronne
25 Simon-Pierre Landry 29:53 M 20 From Can Molson Ex Nobody gets DNF in Sherby
26 Alex Genest DNF M 20 From Can Cold Shots Final Lap in :56.0,
27 Jonathan Michaud DNF M 23 From Can Alberta's Best Back to the drawing board JC

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Race Notes:

Situe sur la plus vieille surface de Mondo au Monde (1976) dans l'ombre des lumieres du nouveau stade de l'Universite de Sherbrooke lors du match Vert & Or vs Rouge & Or, le bruit de la foule qui criait, une trentaine d'entre nous se sont reuni en sautant la cloture pour se PETER LA FACE!!!