4th Annual Spring K-W BM (The Polar KWBMile)
Waterloo, ON
March 19, 2005

created by user mullet

Conditions: -2 C, windy, light snow, lane 1 clear


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Mike Logue 6:29 M 23 From Can Labatt Genuine Draft
2 Adam Lalonde 7:05 M 23 From Can Labatt Genuine Draft
3 Scott Arnald 7:06 M 23 From Can Labatt Blue PB
4 Whitey 7:48 M Rookie
5 Kevin Smith 7:57 M 23 From Can Labatt Blue PB
6 Colin Lawrence 8:14 M 20 From Can Moosehead Lager
7 Drew Haynes 8:21 M 22 From Can Molson Canadian Rookie
8 Andrew Sepic 9:56 M 23 From Can Labatt 50 PB
9 Ian Westra 10:03 M 23 From Can Molson Canadian PB
10 Shane Ferth 11:37 M 24 From Can Labatt Genuine Draft
11 Jon Markiewicz 14:44 M 24 From Can Molson Canadian Walked It
12 Kirk Ewen 15:41 M 20 Chocolate Milk 4 x 500mL Chocolate Milk from Carton, Rookie
13 Andrew MacDonald 16:34 M 20 From Can Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale Penalty Lap
14 Laura Pearson 17:03 F 23 From Can Molson Canadian Female Champ, PB
15 Wayne McIntyre 17:57 M 19 From Can Schlitz TALL BOYS Rookie
16 Paulo Monte 18:21 M 25 From Can Molson Canadian Penalty Lap
17 Vince Avati 20:36 M 19 From Can Molson Canadian Rookie
18 Ryan Wight 21:00 M 19 From Can Molson Canadian Rookie
19 Paul Grant 21:11 M 19 From Can Moosehead Lager Rookie
20 Jenna Bell 21:21 F 20 From Can Labatt Blue Rookie
21 Davis Dowhaniuk 21:32 M 19 From Can Labatt Blue Rookie
22 Karolina Zukowski 23:14 F 22 From Can Molson Canadian Rookie
23 Kate Bickle DNF F 20 From Can Molson Canadian DQ - Refused to do penalty lap

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Race Notes:

Oshawa Kills You.

Both men's and women's winners of the 4th annual "spring" (AKA winter) KWBM came from the suburban industrial Ontario city known as The 'Shwa. Which begs the question, is there something in the water in Oshawa? Well, beer does flow freely, and visitors often swear there is something in the air, which may explain something.

Men's champ the mulleteer? avenged his 3rd place defeat at last year's winter/spring edition by beating his nemesis Adam:L. After these 2 delivered the closest and fastest finish in tri-cities history in the fall (6:05), this race was hyped as Adam's final collegiate swan song. But the hip-hopping Northerner posed no contest for a fit Mullet B Miler, who by way of his apparel brazenly declared himself part of the national b-miling team before the race even started. In fact it was almost worse for Adam, as Scott the Snake narrowly missed his second silver in as many weeks, coming up just short of striking down the former event record holder.

Women's champ and multi-sporter Laura P added one more event to her repertoire en route to PB?ing by almost 4 minutes. In '04 Laura was second last overall and improved to 15th this year, shaming six smack-talking males. All said though, women did not deliver as they had in the past, with notable DNS's. Their abstinence contributed to just missing a participation record. Nonetheless, props to all female competitors who all ran the same race as the men (none of this 3-beer business).

Other notable performances included ironman Smith continuing his late-blooming b-miling career with a solid 4th place finish. Both Smith and the Snake PB'd, which was no small feat given the course conditions. Event staff worked tirelessly throughout the day to clear the track out from under snow and ice, and although some spots were still sketchy they made the race possible. Further down the list but nonetheless impressive was the chocolate milk-miling Saskatchewanee who managed not to puke 2L of ingested brown dairy product ? during the race at least.

1st Interval: Whitey, 11.5 sec 1st Lap: muleteer?, 1:25
2nd Interval: Adam:L, 1:51 2nd Lap: muleteer?, 3:07
3rd Interval: muleteer?, 3:38 3rd Lap: muleteer?, 4.48
4th Interval: muleteer?, 5:22 4th Lap: muleteer?, 6:29

Kingston rules were in effect and upheld by officials and results team including Queen's alumnus (legit).