24 total races found:

Race Location Date Participants
Terrace Heights Season Opener "Egg's Mile" Edmonton 13-Mar-2021 4
6th Annual Radiotracktive Beer Mile Rollie Miles Athletic Club, Edmonton, Canada 14-Aug-2020 4
2020 Allard Beer Mile Invitational Edmonton 15-Jul-2020 4
Edmonton BeerMile 2018 Edmonton 4-May-2018 20
Edmonton Beermile 2017 Edmonton, AB, Canada 28-Apr-2017 13
Edmonton Beer Mile 2016 Edmonton, AB, Canada 22-Apr-2016 22
Andy and Jer go for the 6 minute barrier! Edmonton, AB 10-Jul-2015 2
Edmonton 2015 BGrav Edmonton, AB 9-May-2015 6
Scona Class of '89 25th Reunion Invitational Edmonton, AB 15-Aug-2014 7
2012 Edmonton Beer Mile Edmonton, AB 27-Apr-2012 46
Timpathelon 10 Edmonton, AB 20-Aug-2011 9
Fifth Edmonton Beer Mile Classic Edmonton, AB 29-Apr-2010 27
Timpathelon6 Edmonton, AB 22-Sep-2007 11
1st Annual University of Alberta Beer Mile Edmonton, AB 13-Apr-2007 10
2nd Annual Puke and Regroup Beer Mile Edmonton, AB 10-Oct-2006 7
Edmonton beermile Edmonton, AB 28-Jul-2006 9
The Puke and Regroup Beer Mile Edmonton, AB 21-Jan-2006 6
Timpathelon4 Edmonton, AB 11-Sep-2005 12
The Welcome Back Kurt Beer Mile on Shelly's... Edmonton, AB 3-Jun-2005 10
2003 Northern Alberta Regional Championships Edmonton, AB 22-Aug-2003 8
2002 Canadian National Beer Mile Championsh... Edmonton, AB 22-Jun-2002 24
2001 World Beer Mile Championships Edmonton, AB 11-Aug-2001 60
Northern Alberta Regional Beer Mile Champs Edmonton, AB 20-Aug-1999 2
Scona Boys Match Race Edmonton, AB 19-Apr-1997 3