Aidan Gilson

Notable Beer Miling Performances

4 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Aidan "The Bitch" Gilson 7:19 18-Nov-2014 Northampton, Ma
NHS Coke Mile 2014
From Can Coca-Cola Set the school record.
Aidan "The Bitch" Gilson 9:16 20-Nov-2012 Northampton, Ma
NHS Coke Mile 2012
From Can Coca-Cola Somehow he pulled it out
Aidan "The Bitch" Gilson 12:58 12-Mar-2013 Northampton, Ma
2013 Donut Mile (or, the time Aidan lost)
Aidan "The Bitch" Gilson 14:17 20-Jun-2013 Northampton, Massachusetts
The Dollar Menu Mile
Dollar Menu