Allison Grace Morgan

Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official Female Performance #3 #5
Official State of California Performance #49
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light Platinum #24

3 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Allison Grace Morgan 29:59 12-Aug-2017 Allianz Park, London England
Beer Mile World Classic; 2017 Women
USA: DQ/DNG...did not run penalty lap
Allison Grace Morgan 6:16.5 4-Jul-2020 San Francisco, cA
2020 Beer Mile EWorld Classic (Women)
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum USA WR
Allison Grace Morgan 6:24.1 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic 2019
USA, World and USA #2 All time