Andy K

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Wisconsin Performance #21
Official 1995 Performance #10
Official Performance Drinking Michelob #4

23 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Skanky Doodle Handy 10:30 1-Jan-2014 San Diego, CA
CA Larrikins Hash 2nd Annual New Years Day Beermile
From Can Budweiser
Skanky Doodle Handy 14:03 1-Jan-2015 San Diego, CA
CA Larrikins Hash 3rd Annual New Years Day Beermile
48 From Can Budweiser
Kenny Bandy 10:18 18-Oct-2018 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Pitt H3 Beer Mile Fall 2018
Andy "Coach" Brock 13:12 5-Nov-2016 St Bees, United Kingdom
St Bees Triers and Friends BeerMile
From Bottle Speckled Hen 440ml
Randy Brockerville 10:07 29-Jul-2011 Marystown, Newfoundland
3rd Annual Brockerville Beer Mile
47 From Bottle Extra Old Stok
Randy Brockerville 10:28 23-Dec-2010 Marystown, Newfoundland
Brockerville Pre-Christmas Beer Mile
46 From Bottle coors light
Randy Brockerville 10:51 13-Aug-2010 Marystown, Newfoundland
Brockerville 2nd Annual Beer Mile
46 From Bottle Coors Light
Randy Brockerville 11:42 7-Aug-2009 Marystown, Newfoundland
Brockerville 1st Annual Beer Mile
45 From Bottle Coors Light
Andy Hopkins 10:18 5-May-2015 Salt Lake City, UT
Koren's Cinco de Drinko Beer Mile
30 From Can Icehouse
Andy K 9:40 25-Apr-2009 Houghton, MI
MTU Beer Mile 2
20 From Bottle Miller High Life
Andy K 11:22 31-Oct-2009 Houghton, MI
Halloween Quadathlon Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Andy Kamin 12:36 13-Dec-2015 Warren, MI, United States
IMTC 2nd Annual Beer Mile
40 From Can Heineken Male 11th Place
Andy "Vomiting Viking" Kamin 16:16 29-Oct-2017 Stony Creek Metropark, 4300 Shelby Road, Shelby charter Township, MI, United States
IMTC 4th Annual Beer Mile
42 From Bottle Heineken
Andy Kamin 19:02 28-Oct-2018 Stony Creek, Stony Creek Metropark, Washington Township, MI, USA
IMTC 5th Annual Beer Mile
43 From Bottle Miller Genuine Draft
Andy Kaufman 13:47 10-Jul-2010 River Falls, WI
4fth Annual River Falls Days Beer Mile
25 From Can Michelob
Andy Klobnock 6:55 23-Nov-2011
Silicon Valley Beer MIle 2011
Randy Knight 20:02 31-Dec-2015 Frederick, MD, United States
Frederick Beer Mile
45 From Can Budweiser
Andy Mackenzie 13:00 4-Sep-2016 Charlotte, NC, United States
Triple Threat Racing Beer Mile
50 From Bottle Miller
Andy Novak 21:11 3-Aug-2007 LaGrange, IL
OGRES Beer Mile
21 From Can Budweiser 6th place
Andrew Kate Sandy 10:18 24-Nov-2018 Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile relay - 2nd anniversary
Randy Skellenger 8:13 31-Mar-1995 LaCrosse, WI
1995 LaCrosse Open
Andy "No Gag Reflex" Sobczyk 8:01 15-Aug-2005 Louisville, KY
Beer/Soda Mile #2
19 From Can Coke Diet Mountain Dew
Andy "Antsa" Tiilikainen 24:52.45 29-Aug-2014 Helsinki, Finland
LEKA Beer Mile championship 2014
30 From Can Heineken