Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Blue Moon #29
Official Performance Drinking Vodka #1
Official Performance Drinking Beau's #3
Official Performance Drinking MAGNUM ICE CREAM #3

10 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Angela "Sister...Sledged" 15:53 28-Dec-2015 New Brighton, Wallasey, United Kingdom
Wallasey Athletic Club Inaugural Beer Mile
35 From Bottle Blue Moon New to running, not so new to drinking
Angela "Damir's Girlfriend" 21:49 18-Mar-2005 Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Eng. Phys. March Beer Mile
22 From Cup Vodka
Eileen Angela 10:36 29-May-2014 Bronx, NY
Beer Mile 2
32 From Can Budwesier PR, new women's course record
Angela "No-Pink" B 15:58 23-Oct-2010 Pasadena, CA
Pasadena Adventure Trail Beer Mile - October 2010
39 From Can Maui Brewing Mana Wheat 1st timer
Angela "El Guapo" Crum 12:25 23-May-2009 Jacksonville, FL
5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
31 From Can Budweiser strong debut
Angela "Double-Fisking" Fisk 11:00 21-Jun-2014 Seattle, WA
Summer Solstice Beer Mile
Angela "CR" Harkay 10:33 6-Oct-2017 Oakville, ON, Canada
LOST Swimming vs Connor's Runner's Beer Mile
From Bottle Beau's CR
Angela Keyt 12:24 26-Jan-2010 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship 2010
34 MAGNUM ICE CREAM magnum mile
Angela Thompson 17:36 1-Oct-2016 Johannesburg South Africa
Will run for Beer
Angela Wong 10:57 8-Dec-2012 Vancouver, BC
Second Annual Peter Holmes Beer Mile
From Can Grasshopper (5%) Team Result: Ho ho Train. An emasculating result for the men positioned below.