Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Saskatchewan, Canada Performance #5
Official 2000 Performance #15
Official Performance Drinking Blue Moon #12
Official Performance Drinking Guinness #11
Official Performance Drinking Brewhouse #2

12 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Arms 12:10 19-Mar-2011 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Brewhouse
Arms 15:29 17-Mar-2012 Winnipeg, MB
2012 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Budweiser ran in spikes
Ian Armstrong 17:00 15-Nov-1996 London, ON
UWO / Queen's Virtual Beer Mile
John "The Fast Doctor" Armstrong 7:59 28-Dec-2015 New Brighton, Wallasey, United Kingdom
Wallasey Athletic Club Inaugural Beer Mile
45 From Bottle Blue Moon Trust me, I'm a runner
John Armstrong 12:58 2-Dec-2007 Cary, NC
2007 Inaugural NC Triangle BeerMile
From Can Miller Lite
Richard "Maverick" Armstrong 16:17 15-Nov-2008 Montreal, PQ
McGill fall beermile
From Bottle Corona penalty lap
Shane Armstrong 6:42.5 1-Dec-2000 Saskatoon, SK
Winter Invitational Beer Mile
Tom Armstrong 11:28 4-Jul-2019 Sacramento
Sacramento World Invitational Games (SWIG) 2019
53 From Bottle Guinness Throws great post race event
Tom Armstrong 15:02 4-Jul-2017 Sacramento, CA, United States
Sacramento world invitational games (SWIG) 2017
50 From Bottle Guinness Team Guinness
Joe Harms 19:20 17-Mar-2012 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Inaugural Phnom Penh Beer Mile
From Can Angkor
Mark Harms 9:34 2-Nov-2008 Madison, WI
3rd Annual Halloween Beer Mile
From Can O'Douls Winner of NA event
Rob Harmsworth 8:08 23-Dec-1997 Victoria, BC
Island Road Racers 1st Annual Christmas