Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Nova Scotia, Canada Performance #10 #15
Official Performance Drinking Abita Amber #27
Official Performance Drinking Molson #13
Official Performance Drinking Taiwan Beer #4
Official Performance Drinking Keith #1

16 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Becca 9:43 29-Jul-2016 Albuquerque
Dukes TC 1st annual Beer Mile Classic
From Can Bud Light Aided
Rebecca "Rebecca" Chaplick 12:05 31-Jul-2015 Amherst Shore, NS
1st Annual Amherst Shore Beer Mile
31 From Can Molson
Becca Collins-? 24:53 5-Jul-2019 Dundas Ontario Canada
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VII
33 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Chatter around the gym suggests Becca is hooked on this damned race...will be subtle checking her gym locker at ODEON for empties...
Becca Hall 25:13 10-Sep-2017 Stansbury Park, UT, United States
Stansbury Streakers 4th annual beer mile
34 From Can Miller High Life bib:126
Rebecca Madlener 20:23 27-Apr-2018 New Taipei City, Taiwan
Taiwan Beer Mile National Championship
Taiwan Beer
Rebecca Marshall 10:49 12-Sep-2003 Vancouver, BC
5th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Becca McCarthy 24:50 1-Jul-2016 Pittsburgh, PA, United States
'Murica Beer Mile
most patriotic!
Rebecca Morris 15:09 6-Aug-2009 Grafton, WI, United States
Grafton Run
36 Budweiser
Becca Newman 10:41 4-Jan-2005 New Orleans, LA
ABITA New Orleans Winter 2005 Beer Mile
From Bottle Abita Amber Heat 1 winner
Rebecca Schmedlen 17:07 6-Dec-2008 Chicago, IL
Chicago Beer Mile IV - Yes we can!
From Can Budweiser
Rebecca Skinner 23:56 25-Apr-2020 Worldwide
Quarantine Classic Virtual Beer Mile
Women's winner
Rebecca Steen 9:08 6-Sep-1996 Halifax, NS
1st Dalhousie Beer Mile
Rebecca "Ginger" Stover 7:22 17-Jul-2010 Knoxville, TN
210 East Tennessee Chocolate Milk mile
16 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Rebecca Thurston 10:28 18-May-2019 Tauranga, New Zealand
2019 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB New Zealand Champion on her wedding day
Rebecca Vienneau 20:00 24-Aug-2018 Calgary
YYC Beer Mile 2018 Invitational
From Can PBR
Rebecca Willi 12:07 15-Jan-2012 South Elgin, IL
Grand Slam Beer Mile
33 From Can Coors Women's champion