Bob Dunlop

Notable Beer Miling Performances

5 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Bob Dunlop 10:40 25-May-2013 Hespeler, ON
Summer Classic
25 From Can Old Milwaukee Keeps pounding in the great times and beating PB's. Still a real fan favourite
Bob Dunlop 11:54 14-Aug-2011 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2011
24 From Can Steamwhistle Shorts, way too short, huge bozo
Bob Dunlop 13:10.73 18-Sep-2011 Hespeler, ON
The Fall Classic
24 From Can Meatwhistle Wore a dress, it was gross, held the barf in like usual and finished with a solid time. A real fan favourite.
Bob Dunlop 15:05 26-Jun-2010 Hespeler, ON
The Bad Ass Beer Mile 2010
22 From Can Budweiser Biggest barf of the event, held off until the end
Bob Dunlop 20:27 20-Feb-2010 Hespeler, ON
Enterprise Beer Mile
22 From Can Budweiser Took forever to drink final beer