Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #13 #18 #44 #70 #125 #275
All-time Official Male Performance #12 #17 #41
Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #4
Official State of California Performance #2
Official State of Maryland Performance #5
Official State of Minnesota Performance #5
Official State of Virginia Performance #48
Official 2005 Performance #5
Official Performance Drinking Budweiser #15
Official Performance Drinking Miller High Life #2
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light Platinum #1 #11
Official Performance Drinking Old Milwaukee #6 #29
Official Performance Drinking Great Raft #18
Official Performance Drinking Granville Honey Lager #4
Official Performance Drinking Westerwald Bräu #2
Official Performance Drinking Budweiser Platinum #1
Official Performance Drinking Lagunitas Citrus Heigths #1
Official Performance Drinking Sockeye Red #1

58 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Brandon "The American" 6:17 27-Dec-2019 Montabaur
Winter Biermeile Montabaur
21 From Bottle Westerwald Bräu
Brandon 7:32 2-Nov-2008 Madison, WI
3rd Annual Halloween Beer Mile
From Can MGD Light Winner of the event
Brandon 9:34 31-May-2019 Harry Downes Track
Not Brighton Bangers Beer Mile 3rd Summer
Brandon 9:36 1-Jan-2011 Tampa, Florida
2011 Tampa Beer Mile
Brandon "Brandando" B 12:36 24-Oct-2012 Little Pines, AR
First Annual Campsgiving Beer Mile
25 From Can Miller Lite
Brandon B. 7:04 16-May-2004 Coppell, TX
3rd Annual Coppell Chocolate Milk Mile (guys fast heat)
16 From Cup chocolate milk
Brandon Barnard 13:35 9-Oct-2015 McArthur Stadium, Potchefstroom, South Africa
Potch 2015 Beer Mile
29 From Bottle Erdinger
Brandon Barnes 13:09 1-Jan-2018 San Diego, CA, United States
CA Larrikins Hash 6th Annual New Years Day Beermile
28 From Can Miller High Life
Brandon Basterach 15:21 27-Apr-2012 Edmonton, AB
2012 Edmonton Beer Mile
21 From Bottle Corona
Brandon "Dirt-Beard" Bauer 8:16.75 16-Jul-2005 Columbus, OH
Race for the Cure - The Brewskie Edition
19 From Can Natural
Brandon Belisle 8:59.57 7-Mar-2015 Atlanta, GA
St. Practice Day Beer Mile
28 Miller High Life
Fewer Brandon 8:29 29-Jul-2011 Marystown, Newfoundland
3rd Annual Brockerville Beer Mile
19 From Can Coors Light
Wrice Brandon 9:32 29-Jul-2011 Marystown, Newfoundland
3rd Annual Brockerville Beer Mile
19 From Bottle Bud light
Jarod Brandonberg 20:42 9-Jul-2011 River Falls, WI
5th annual RF Days Beer Mile
21 From Can Miller High Life
Brandon "Brandando" Brown 12:38 1-Jan-2012
24 From Can Miller Lite
Brandon Casteel 12:29 27-Nov-2005 Dallas, TX
Fall 2005 Dallas H3 Beer Mile
31 From Bottle Heineken
Brandon Charles 7:05.8 22-Nov-2009 Terre Haute, Indiana
2009 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Brandon Clark 12:00 4-May-2013 St. Leonards, Australia
World record homecoming celebration
From Bottle tooheys dry Debut! Respect for coming! rough time
Brandon Coats 10:20 16-Sep-2017 Bristow, OK, USA
Bristow Backwoods Trail Beer Mile
32 From Bottle Dos Equis
Brandon Doran 8:02 1-Nov-2015 Grand Rapids, MI, United States
The Beer Mile (a charity event)
Brandon Elliott 5:48 14-Apr-2015 Southern Pines, NC
1st Annual Pinecrest vs Alumni Milk Mile Challenge
18 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Brandon G 8:21 2-Nov-2019 Tampa
2019 Tampa Beer Mile (9th Annual) and 1st Wine Mile
From Can Budweiser 1st Male Beer
Brandon G 10:12 12-Dec-2020 Tampa
2020 Tampa Beer Mile cAnarchy (10th Annual)
From Can 4 Random Ones
Brandon G 22:43 1-Dec-2018 Tampa
2018 Tampa Florida Beer Mile (8th Annual)
From Can Natural Ice
Brandon Gannon 10:18 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
28 From Can Great Raft
Brandon Ghentry 15:01 22-Nov-2009 Jacksonville, FL
End of XC season beermile
21 From Can Budweiser Has some work to do
Brandon "Brando" Griffin 5:59.7 15-Jul-2005 Roseville, MN
connie wilmes memorial beer mile
20 From Can Miller High Life Kingston Rules
Brandon "Brando" Griffin 6:32 28-Dec-2004 Roseville, MN
1st Annual Connie Wilmes Memorial Beer Mile
19 From Can Budweiser Rookie Debut
Brandon Hess 15:37 13-Jan-2018 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Can Mike's Hard Orange
Brandon Hess 16:26 15-Jul-2017 Chester, VA
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Brandon Horning 8:11 1-Aug-2015 Essex Community College, Baltimore, MD
1st SUXC beer mile
21 From Bottle Budweiser
Brandon Jacobs 10:56 25-Oct-2013 Toronto, ON
Skule(TM) Rugby Beer Mile
Brandon Johnson 17:32 21-Jun-2019 Burlington Vermont
1st Annual Burton Product Beer Mile
37 From Bottle water May have had a minor stroke earlier in the week, first time running a lap around a track
Brandon Katter 14:34 11-Jul-2020 Anchorage, Alaska
6th Annual Anchorage Beer Mile
24 From Can Sockeye Red
Brandon Kennedy 15:33 30-Sep-2005 Vancouver, BC
7th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
28 From Can Granville Honey Lager
Brandon Laan 7:27 2-Apr-2003 London, ON
The First Annual Western Spring Beer Mile - Men
19 From Can Old Milwaukee I don't even drink!
Brandon Leblanc 12:40 20-Aug-2016 Belleisle Creek, NB, Canada
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
21 From Can Molson Canadian
Brandon Lee 17:40 15-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Skule(tm) Rugby beermile
Brandon Lewis 7:09 2-Jul-2010 Derby, KS
Inaugural Derby Chocolate Milk Mile
15 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Brandon Lewis 10:10 2-Apr-2003 London, ON
The First Annual Western Spring Beer Mile - Men
19 From Can Old Milwaukee I get hammered off 4 beers
Brandon Maddock 11:22 5-Jul-2019 Dundas Ontario Canada
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VII
31 From Can Coors Banquet Recently grad from CrossFit Kick-Starters, now a first-time Beer Miler. A lot of firsts in this young man's life recently...
Brandon Miller 12:37 24-Aug-2018 Calgary
YYC Beer Mile 2018 Invitational
From Can PBR
Brandon "true redneck" Petersen 8:54 29-Apr-2005 Davie, FL
1st annual Nova Beer Mile
18 From Can Bud Light had it in the bag but horrible chuging the last one
Brandon "bib 157" Preece 13:55 2-Sep-2018 Stansbury Park, UT, USA
Stansbury Streakers 2018 Beer Mile
38 From Bottle Lagunitas Citrus Heigths first timer
Brandon Query 6:08 21-Nov-2010 Terre Haute, Indiana
2010 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Brandon Rougeau 17:52 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
21 From Can Great Raft
Brandon Schamp 9:56 21-Aug-1999 Kingston, ON
Kingston Classic XI
Brandon Shirck 4:47.72 17-Jul-2016 Ojai, CA, United States
4:47.72 time trial
27 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum 3 Ounces remaining
Brandon Shirck 4:49.28 31-Jul-2016 London, United Kingdom
Beer Mile World Classic London 2016: Mens' Elite Championship
US Record
Brandon "The HurriCAN" Shirck 5:02 11-Aug-2018 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Beer Mile World Classic 2018
From Bottle Budweiser Platinum USA: 3rd in 2016 and 2017
Brandon "The Hurrican" Shirck 5:08.77 12-Aug-2017 Allianz Park, London England
Beer Mile World Classic: 2017 Men
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum USA: Second Podium Finish
Brandon "2.0" Shirck 5:25.5 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
2019 Beer Mile World Classic
From Bottle Budweiser USA
Brandon Shirck 59:59 28-Oct-2017 Kezar Stadium San Francisco CA
San Francisco Delta's Invitational
Brandon Smith 7:06 18-Oct-2018 Holly Springs, NC
South Wake Beer Mile
32 From Cup CBC Manestay Kolsch
Brandon Taleisnik 19:01 30-Jul-2016 Los Angeles, CA, United States
6th Annual Lesinski Invitational Beer Mile
21 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Brandon "Afro Sunrise" Toensing 17:30 14-Jul-2016 Jefferson Middle School, Albuquerque
Thursday Evening Run Crew Beer Mile
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Brandon "Beer Baron" Vick 11:53 6-Apr-2008 Roanoke, VA
Hodac Beer Mile
23 From Can Coors Ran extra Lap
Brandon Whitby 8:18 16-Sep-2000 Toronto, ON
Nigel Gray Stag Beer Mile