Brian P

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Alaska Performance #31 #33

19 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Brian "My Employers Will Shit a Brick" Gaping-Ass 8:26 24-Jul-2009 Akron, OH
2nd Annual Revere High School Showdown
22 From Can Molson
Brian "Knappsack" Knapp 8:30 11-Nov-2003 Lees-McRae Track: Banner Elk, NC
First Open Bobcat Beer Mile Run
21 From Can Busch Diesel 5th in the southeast for cross country, Awesome first race
Brian "Koop" Kupilik 10:34 29-Jul-2018 Anchorage, Alaska
4th Annual Anchorage Beer Mile
36 From Can Heineken
Brian "Koop" Kupilik 12:54 31-Jul-2016 Anchorage, Alaska
2nd Annual Anchorage Beer Mile
34 From Can Heineken
Brian "Koop" Kupilik 15:04 15-Jul-2017 Anchorage, AK, United States
3rd Annual Anchorage Beer Mile
35 From Bottle Heineken
Brian "Koop" Kupilik 15:32 21-Jun-2015 Anchorage, AK
Anchorage Alaska Annual Beer Mile
33 From Can Budweiser
Brian "B-Nasty" Makupson 13:25 25-Apr-2011 Gaffney, SC
Gaffney Beer Mile Invitational
21 From Can Busch Light
Brian "B-Nasty" Makupson 14:27 26-Apr-2011 Gaffney, SC
Gaffney Beer Mile Classic
21 From Can Busch Light Ran 5th Lap
Brian "GBS" Naiper 21:45 20-Dec-2012 Denali, Ak
31 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Brian P 7:39 29-Jul-2016 Albuquerque
Dukes TC 1st annual Beer Mile Classic
From Bottle Budweiser
Brian "The Colonel" Peaslee 14:48 11-Jul-2015 Troy, MI, United States
Jim's Festival of Races Beer Mile 1.0
51 From Can PBR
Brian Perrault 9:48 10-Sep-2005 Morris, MN
Morris Firestorm Open
22 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
Brian Petraco 6:38 24-Jul-2014 Lancaster, PA
F and M Track Club 5th Summer Beer Mile
From Can Coors
Brian "P Nuttiest" Petraco 9:09 4-May-2011 State College, PA
Kelly Fermoyle Memorial Championship
22 From Can Miller High Life
Brian "P Nuttiest" Petraco 10:10 28-Apr-2011 State College, PA
Nake Ting Classic
22 From Bottle Miller High Life With penalty lap
Brian "P Nuttiest" Petraco 23:35 17-Mar-2012 State College, PA
Joe Pa Memorial
23 From Can Miller High Life
Brian Pierre 11:49 1-Aug-2018 Albuquerque, New Mexico
3rd Annual Dukes TC Beer Mile
From Bottle Budweiser
Brian "He Hate Me" Poole 8:40 24-Oct-2008 Vancouver, BC
9th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Brian Poole 11:38 30-Sep-2005 Vancouver, BC
7th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
20 From Can Kokanee