Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #283
Official State of Maine Performance #26
Official State of Massachusetts Performance #8
Official State of New Hampshire Performance #5
Official 2006 Performance #6
Official Performance Drinking Miller High Life #3
Official Performance Drinking Tooheys Dry #15
Official Performance Drinking Speights #6
Official Performance Drinking Tooheys Pils #4
Official Performance Drinking Bottoms up wit #1
Official Performance Drinking Molson Canadian Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Spyhopper #1

40 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Alex, Bruce, Darryl, Michael "The Relay" DNF 6-Sep-2003 Waterloo, ON
Scott's Bachelor Party
33 From Can Labatt 50 These guys actually did finish (7:52) but as a relay.
Bruce 8:52 31-Jul-2016 Udora, ON, Canada
47 From Can Budweiser Bud/Steam Whistle Combo
Bruce "Just Bruce" 9:19 11-Dec-2010 Shreveport, LA
Team Cyco Suds Mile 3
25 From Can Budweiser back to Shreveport Fit for more training
Bruce 15:41 29-Oct-2016 Marion, IA, USA
American Gothic Gravel Invitational & Beer Mile
shoe/cody/bryce/bruce 8:21 19-Jan-2013 saint joseph, mo
Jan pub ride
From Can Budweiser
Bruce "Jolly Green Vajayjay" Broce 20:24 23-May-2009 Durham, NH
Seacoast Hash House Harriers Shiggy Beer Mile
29 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Chris "Brewski" Bruce 6:02 20-May-2006 Cambridge, MA
Cambridge Beer Mile Championships
20 From Can Miller High Life
Chris "Brewski" Bruce 6:21 14-May-2005 Cambridge, MA
Postseason Beermile Championships
19 From Can Keystone school record
Darren Bruce 7:10 10-Mar-2006 Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, BC
Second Annual Eng. Phys. March Beer Mile
23 From Can Keiths
Doug Bruce 9:20 3-May-1997 Brunswick, ME
1997 Bowdoin College Chunder Mile
R Bruce 5:55 1-Jan-2005 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nottingham Chunder Mile 2005
Sean Bruce 10:09 22-Dec-2009 Victoria, BC
6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
31 From Can Spyhopper
Stephen Bruce 10:43 30-Sep-2016 Oakville, ON, Canada
LOST Swimming vs Conner's Runners Beer Mile
Old Milwaukee Conners
Bruce Byrne 11:36 22-Jun-2014 Ypao Road, Tamuning, Guam
Guam Beer Mile- 3rd Annual Summer Classic
Bruce "Sung ho" Choi 6:52 24-May-2008 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 4th Annual
32 From Can Budweiser Rookie of the Beer award winner. Fast time!
Bruce "Sung Ho" Choi 9:25 23-May-2009 Jacksonville, FL
5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
33 From Can Budweiser 3rd best puke award
Bruce Chriastianson 11:18 5-Oct-2002 Hull, PQ
Hull Beer Mile for Breast Cancer II
Bruce "McNawll" Christianson 13:50 28-Sep-2002 Aylmer, PQ
Brothers-in-physio head-to-head challenge 2002
24 From Can Labatt's Blue Extra lap, almost DNF...
Bruce "McNawll" Christianson 13:50 28-Sep-2002 Aylmer, PQ
Brothers-in-physio head-to-head challenge 2002
24 From Can Labatt's Blue Extra lap, almost DNF...
Bruce Cocking 8:23 24-Nov-2018 Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia
Sunshine Coast shooter mile - 2nd anniversary
Bruce Cocking 10:15 20-Feb-2021 Brightwater Oval
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile 2020
Corona Nice time for a nice bloke - especially after a 30km morning run. PB
Bruce Cocking 10:26 24-Nov-2018 Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile - 2nd anniversary
Bruce Cocking 11:55 16-Nov-2019 Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile 2019
From Bottle Corona After a 40k run in the morning!
Bruce "Brewce" Fawcett 12:10 26-Nov-2015 Westerville, OH, United States
Fawcett Thanksgiving Invitational
61 From Can Bottoms up wit
Bruce "Digger" Hargreaves 12:22 26-Jan-2007 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship
53 From Bottle Tooheys Dry Big improvement on lst year
Bruce "Digger" Hargreaves 13:01 28-Jan-2008 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship
54 From Bottle Tooheys dry
Bruce "Digger" Hargreaves 13:52 26-Jan-2006 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship
52 From Bottle Tooheys Pils 345ml/5.2%
Bruce Honda 7:25 21-Nov-2007 Los Gatos CA
2007 Silicon Valley Beer Mile
Bruce "Ringer" Littlefield 13:32 5-Nov-2005 Sacramento, CA
1st Annual Beer Mile
51 From Can Tecate
Bruce Livingstone 13:47 4-May-2007 Northcote, Auckland
Takapuna Harriers Inaugural Beer Mile
From Bottle Speights 4%
Bruce Mason 12:04 25-Nov-2011 Hull, PQ
Studs, Buds and Suds Beer Mile 2011
From Can Budweiser
Bruce Overstreet 9:00 5-Dec-2015 Portland, OR, United States
Oregon Beer Mile 2015 - Men's Open
54 Everett, WA
Bruce Perlow 8:19 18-Apr-1998 Amherst, MA
NESCAC Championships I
Bruce Perlow 9:24 17-Apr-1999 Amherst, MA
NESCAC Championships II
Bruce Plaxton 12:28.8 14-Sep-1996 Winnipeg, MB
1st Manitoba World Cup of Beer Miling
Bruce Thompson 10:40 15-Jan-2012 South Elgin, IL
Grand Slam Beer Mile
59 From Bottle Molson Canadian Ale U.S. Olympian wrestler '76, '80
Bruce Thompson 12:45 27-Jan-2013 South Elgin, IL
2nd Annual Grand Slam Beer Mile
60 From Can Coors predicted his time exactly
Bruce Wagoner 14:54 17-May-2007 Charlotte, NC
Dilworth Beer Mile
Bruce Wong 13:12 10-Mar-2012 Chicago, IL
Beer Mile #5: Celebrity Edition
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Bruce Wong 16:31 10-Nov-2012 Chicago, IL
Beer Mile Seven Minutes in Heaven
Pabst Blue Ribbon