Cam S

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Manitoba, Canada Performance #31
Official 1995 Performance #20
Official Performance Drinking Kokanee #10
Official Performance Drinking Great Raft #4
Official Performance Drinking Keiths #13
Official Performance Drinking 33 cl #27
Official Performance Drinking Laker Lager #9
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island Pale Ale #2
Official Performance Drinking Bowen Island Lager #3
Official Performance Drinking Okanagan Springs 1516 #2
Official Performance Drinking Keith #1
Official Performance Drinking NZ Lager #1

43 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Campbell Cairns 7:50 15-May-2021 Tauranga, New Zealand
2021 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Bottle Good Stuff Podium on debut. Looked like he could have done a beer 10000m
Sean "Shouldn't Have Eaten That Steak" Cameron 14:36 29-Jul-2011 Seattle, WA
The SJ&J Beer Mile
28 From Can Miller High Life penalty lap
Just Cammie 25:13 12-Mar-2016 Southern Pines, NC, United States
SoPiH3 BeerMile
From Can Hash Beer
Sean Camp 9:08 28-Feb-2020 In Bad Company Pub
RDRC Beer Mile Leap Year/Valentine Edition
Fastest Time in the Over 90kg category
Casey "Horsefli Drivebi" Campbell 8:55 18-Jul-2009 Houston, TX
2009 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
28 From Can Miller High Life
Cassie "Cassafras" Campbell 12:37.6 14-May-2013 New Orleans, LA
Impromptu Tchoupitoulas Barathon Practice
23 From Can Budweiser sometimes, you can't choose to vomit, the vomit chooses you
Cassie Campbell 16:07 15-Dec-2015 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2015
25 From Can Budweiser Heat 1
Chris Campbell 15:10 24-Oct-2009 Calgary, AB
Calgary Beer Mile October 24, 2009
Christopher "Habitant" Campbell 25:56 30-Sep-2006 Sherbrooke, PQ
Initiation Cross-Country USherbrooke
22 From Can Bud Light penality lap for throwing up....oups.. left my mark on the grass
Sheila Campbell 10:27 18-Dec-2007 Victoria, BC
4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
30 From Can Okanagan Springs 1516 First female
Sheila Campbell 10:29 19-Dec-2006 Victoria, BC
Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile
From Can Bowen Island Lager
Stephan "Scraggles" Campbell 9:31 20-Mar-2010 Winnipeg, MB
2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile
From Can Kokanee Was killed during WW2, layed frozen in the land of the dutch untill he was awoken by some hickers...he fed on thier brains, learned of the beermile and spent the next 60 years on route.
stephen "scraggles" Campbell 7:50 17-Mar-2012 Winnipeg, MB
2012 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Kokanee
Stephen Campbell 15:46 21-Mar-2009 Winnipeg, MB
2009 Manitoba Winter Beer Mile
19 From Can Kokanee
Steven "Scraggles" Campbell 7:51 14-May-2011 Saskatoon, SK
2011 Beerlympics Beer Mile
From Can Boxer led nearly the entire race, penalty lap
Steven Campbell 9:57 25-Jul-2009 Winnipeg, MB
2009 Manitoba Summer beermile championships
From Can Kokanee
Steven "Scraggles" Campbell 12:04 19-Mar-2011 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Keiths Ran the race wearing a Head-Cam. True Zombie Vision some might say
Jai Davies-Campbell 13:23 1-Aug-2020 Tauranga Domain
2020 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can NZ Lager Hamilton Mexican
Cameron Fasic 9:03 30-May-2021 New Orleans
Goat Water Invitational Beer Mile
Cameron Fenske 6:28 14-Aug-2020 Rollie Miles Athletic Club, Edmonton, Canada
6th Annual Radiotracktive Beer Mile
23 Budweiser
Cami Fraser 12:55 11-Aug-1995 Kingston, ON
Cameron "face cannon" Hodgins 18:54 15-Apr-2009 Calgary, AB
1st Annual U of C Mathletes
24 From Can pilsner Puked on Second and third Beer
Cameron "Face Cannon" Hodgins 20:40 15-Apr-2010 Calgary, AB
2nd Annual U of C Mathletes
25 From Can Warm Pilly
Camila Humphries 18:30 21-Apr-2012 Melbourne, Australia
2012 Autumn Classic Beer Mile
Cam Johnson 10:07.5 14-Sep-1996 Winnipeg, MB
1st Manitoba World Cup of Beer Miling
Cameron Jones 8:07 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
36 From Can Great Raft
Cameron Lebans 7:32 12-Sep-2003 Vancouver, BC
5th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Granville Island Pale Ale
Rebecca Marshall 10:49 12-Sep-2003 Vancouver, BC
5th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Jessica May 14:49.9 22-Oct-2015 Pittsburgh, PA
PITT H3 Beer Mile Fall 2015
27 From Can Budweiser penalty lap
Jason McCambridge 9:23 24-Nov-2006 West Chester, PA
6th Annual West Chester, PA Beer Mile
From Can Yuengling Lager Light Pukes every year
Jason McCambridge 9:58 21-Dec-2001 West Chester, PA
WCU Track / X-C Alumni Beer Mile
Rebecca Morris 15:09 6-Aug-2009 Grafton, WI, United States
Grafton Run
36 Budweiser
Cam Neilson 9:29 26-May-2012 Tauranga, New Zealand
2012 New Zealand Beer Mile Champs
From Can VB
Camilla Niklasson 10:05 2-Oct-2012 Linkoping, Sweden
LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012
From Can 33 cl
Cameron Ross 8:28 16-Nov-2019 Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Sunshine Coast shooter mile
all the way from Brisbane for the event!
Cam "Stumpy" S 9:13 14-May-2011 Saskatoon, SK
2011 Beerlympics Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser 250 pound man wearing spikes
Cam S 9:22 19-Mar-2011 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Budweiser Not even 8 years in the military could train him for this kind of carnage.
Cameron Scher 7:22.5 1-Aug-2009 Fort Wayne, IN
6th Annual
16 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Camille Silliman 31:53 4-Jun-2017 Wausau, WI, United States
Wausau Beer Mile
Cameron Smith 9:42 27-Dec-2020 Secret location NJ Track
18th Annual New Jersey Beer Mile Championships
46 From Can Coors Banquet Drank a 5th 'bonus beer'
Camy Ferrero Suriadi 9:44 16-Sep-2017 Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Beer Mile 2017
From Bottle Heineken
Cam Sylvester 8:03 12-Nov-2005 London, ON
The 4th Annual Western Fall Beer Mile
From Can Laker Lager
Cameron Tymstra 10:39 1-Apr-2006 Toronto, ON
Inaugural Skule(TM) Rugby Beer Mile
18 From Can Canadian :27,:76,:62,:113,:60,:157,:67,:77