Chad P

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Kentucky Performance #1
Official State of Oregon Performance #41
Official State of South Dakota Performance #10
Official 2000 Performance #17
Official 2007 Performance #16
Official 2009 Performance #20
Official Performance Drinking Keystone Ice #3
Official Performance Drinking busch heavy #5

12 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Chad dePol 6:54 19-Dec-2000 Victoria, BC
Island Road Racers Christmas Beer Mile
Chad Flipz 8:57 4-May-2011 State College, PA
Kelly Fermoyle Memorial Championship
22 From Can Miller High Life
Chad Krippner 7:25 5-Dec-2015 Portland, OR, United States
Oregon Beer Mile 2015 - Men's Elite
45 Vancouver, WA
Chad "Conference Champion" P 8:39 14-Dec-2007 Spearfish, SD
2nd Annual BHSU v SDSMT Beer Mile Dual
22 From Can Busch Heavy Biggest Shit Talker
Chad "Gaysha" P 15:54 15-Jul-2018 Wildwood Native Park, Madera Ca.
Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run Hanger Hash Beermile 2018
34 From Can Coors
Chad "the o'dirty" Payne 6:38 8-Dec-2007 Lebanon, Kentucky
Mark Conely Rowe's Dunder Mifflin Lebanon Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Pigasus Healing Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure.
29 From Can Keystone Ice first time. impressive.
Chad "the o dirty" Payne 6:43 7-Feb-2009 Greensburg, KY
No short shorts, no beer, no good.
31 From Can Budweiser Dissapointed
Chad "Just Chad" Pickens 14:45 1-Feb-2014 Fresno, Ca.
Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers 1st Anal Beermile and Stupid Bowl Hash
32 From Can Budweiser Had to drink a penalty beer. Tried to hide a half drank beer.
Chad "Gaysha" Pickens 16:23 4-Feb-2018 Madera - Near Town and County Park
Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers 5th anal beermile and stupid bowl hash
34 From Can Budweiser Did awesome!
Chad Powell 14:30.9 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 2
From Can Slingshot
Chad Terpstra 7:30 1-Nov-2015 Grand Rapids, MI, United States
The Beer Mile (a charity event)
Chad "lucky" Turnipseed 11:15 29-Apr-2005 Davie, FL
1st annual Nova Beer Mile
19 From Can Bud Light slow but steady