Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official Female Performance #41
Official Female Masters (30+) Performance #13 #28
Official Performance Drinking Coors Light #2
Official Performance Drinking Miller Lite #11
Official Performance Drinking Tun #13 #18
Official Performance Drinking Pure Blonde #25
Official Performance Drinking Peroni #7
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island Honey Lager #5
Official Performance Drinking Sapporo Premium #1

24 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Claire 11:42 25-Nov-2011 Hull, PQ
Studs, Buds and Suds Beer Mile 2011
From Can Budweiser
Claire 13:35 11-Nov-2011 Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Beer Mile IV
Claire "Bread" Ashman 14:40 25-Apr-2009 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
4th South Australian Beer Mile Championships
22 From Can Pure Blonde
Claire Bailie 11:05 10-Oct-2015 Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
The Great Bailie Beer Mile 2015
From Can Tun
Claire Borsema 14:48 16-May-2020 St. Lewis Park, Minnesota
2nd Annual Asgard Beer Mile of the Gods
Claire Boyle 9:34 27-Jul-2017 Overton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Overton Harriers Beer Mile 2017
31 From Bottle Peroni
Claire "I'm an Aussie, of course I can drink" Collin 9:28 13-Aug-2014 Toronto, a track near to Yonge/Lawrence
Toronto Classico Beermile 2014
From Can Canadian
Claire Duck 15:10 1-Jun-2004 Leeds, United Kingdom
Leeds Chunder Mile 2004
Claire Garwood 20:40 1-Jun-2001 Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nottingham Chunder Mile 2001
Claire Jean 8:50 19-Dec-2006 Victoria, BC
Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile
From Can Coors Light
Claire "Master of her domain" Liszkay 38:15 31-Dec-2005 Beavercreek, OH
First Annual Beaver Beer Mile
23 From Can Miller Lite I feel good
Claire Long 23:52 23-Mar-2012 State College, PA
Intra-Squad Meet Finale
20 From Can Miller High Life Blue Team
Claire McDonagh 10:11 9-Aug-2014 Penrith, NSW, Australia
The Great Bailie Beer Mile 2014
From Can Tun
Claire Miles 14:09.5 26-Jan-2020 George Knott Reserve, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
Aussie Beer Mile 2020
From Can Pure Blonde 3rd female
Claire Nacinovich 18:54 5-May-1996 Middletown, CT
95-96 Wesleyan Championships
18 From Bottle Pabst Blue Ribbon
Claire "I'm A Unicorn!" O'Donnell 37:55 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
36 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Kept a stiff upper lip and powered her way through this
Claire Speegle 20:50 1-Apr-2015 1593 Oceanic Street, Charleston, SC, United States
OSR April Fools Beer Mile to Nowhere
Claire "Lola McLovin" Steinke 15:15.23 18-May-2008 Brookings, SD
Spring 2008 South Dakota Beer Mile Championships
21 From Can Miller High Life pathetic attempt
Claire "Flockerer" Steinke 25:54 22-Nov-2005 Brookings, SD
3rd Annual South Dakota Beer Mile Championships
19 From Can Budweiser you suck
Claire Summers 16:13 13-Jun-2004 Scotland, United Kingdom
Stirling Chunder Mile
Claire "Flick" Thomas 7:25.55 13-May-2017 Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
Brooks International Beer Mile
37 From Bottle Sapporo Premium fastest Aus female
Claire Thomas 8:14 28-Oct-2016 Fawkner Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
2016 Fawkner Frothfest
36 Peroni
Claire "Flick" Thomas 8:46 23-Oct-2015 Fawkner Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2015 Fawkner Frothfest
35 From Bottle Peroni
Claire Warrington 12:46 8-Aug-2002 Victoria, BC
Lambert/Brown Wedding Invitational Beer Mile
30 From Can Granville Island Honey Lager 3 beer version