Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official Female Performance #31
Official Female Grand Masters (50+) Performance #13
Official State of Florida Performance #35
Official State of Iowa Performance #12
Official State of Kentucky Performance #11 #12 #14 #22
Official State of Michigan Performance #8
Official State of New York Performance #24
Official Performance Drinking PBR #29
Official Performance Drinking Export #20
Official Performance Drinking Genny Cream Ale #13
Official Performance Drinking Upper Canada #1
Official Performance Drinking DB Export Citrus #1

59 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Cole 17:10 17-Mar-2012 Winnipeg, MB
2012 Manitoba Winter beermile
Nicole 11:55 1-Jan-2018 San Diego, CA, United States
CA Larrikins Hash 6th Annual New Years Day Beermile
35 From Can Miller High Life
Nicole 29:00 30-Jun-2012 Tampa, FL
2012 Tampa Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Nicole C. "bunny" 26:27 5-Jul-2009 Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota's 2nd Annual Beer Mile - Summer Edition
28 virgin beermiler
Cole "side-winder" Anderson 7:46 19-Apr-2009 Thunder Bay, ON
Twilight Beermile 2009
19 From Bottle canadian 5 sec. penalty for spitting up beer. impressive race for a first timer, but should potentially be disqualified. Because it's your first time we wont DQ you, but next time I wont be so generous.
Cole baker 6:24.6 22-Jul-2018 Cranston, RI, USA
Chocolate Milk Mile
17 From Cup Chocolate milk
Nicole Briggs 13:43 3-Jul-2016 Team Ostrander, Macedon, NY
2016 Cream Ridge Beer Mile
From Can Genny Bock
Cole Burmester 8:16 26-May-2018 Tauranga, New Zealand
2018 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Bottle Budweiser At least his wife can win it...
Cole Burmester 8:52 20-May-2017 Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
2017 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Bottle Budweiser Bless him
Cole Burmester 9:16 16-May-2015 Tauranga, New Zealand
2015 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB Stripey leotard looked spectacular
Nicole Campbell 8:36.5 21-Mar-2009 San Francisco, CA
3rd Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Can Budweiser Rookie effort
Nicole Campbell 9:32 21-Aug-2015 Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, USA
Beer Mile World Classic Women 2015
From Bottle Budweiser USA
Nicole Campbell 10:25 13-Feb-2010 San Francisco, CA
4th Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Can Budweiser w/ Penalty Lap
Chris Cole 14:18 13-Dec-2014 UBC Track, Vancouver Canada
Inaugural GVRD Regional Beer Mile Championships
42 From Can Deep 6
James Cole 14:31 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
49 From Can Great Raft
Josh Cole 20:48 7-Sep-2015 Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands
First Kwajalein Beer Mile
Matt Cole 12:13.22 12-Jun-2015 Grand Forks, ND
3 dudes and some beer
23 From Can Budlight Platinum
Scott "Dick Snail (scooch scooch)" Cole 17:14 31-Oct-2004 Spring Lake, NC
Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers Beer Mile and #1100 trail
27 From Bottle Guinness Draught Team Guinness (fecal is gay)
Tyler "pansy" Cole 9:12 7-Nov-2009 St. John's, Newfoundland Canada
2nd Annual Bowring Park Beer Mile
24 From Bottle Molson Canadian
Adam "A-Train" Coleman 7:33 18-Nov-2005 Claremont, CA
Bernie's Birthday Beer Mile
21 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Brooks Coleman 8:10 13-Jun-2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Virgin Dick Memorial Beer Mile
Cat Coleman 20:00 13-Jun-2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Virgin Dick Memorial Beer Mile
Dustin Coleman 9:24 23-Nov-2011
Silicon Valley Beer MIle 2011
John "Belcarra" Coleman 14:27 2-Jul-2016 National Beer Mile Stadium: kilbogget park: Dublin: Ireland
4th Irish Beer Mile Championships 2015
From Bottle Brooklyn Lager
Jon "no liver" Coleman 12:47 6-Jul-2004 Kingston, ON
Kingston Beer mile
21 From Can black label puked
Matt "trollman" Coleman 13:55 26-Jun-2009 Seattle, WA
1st Annual Mill Creek Beer Mile
19 From Can Busch Light
Matt "Half-Pregnant" Coleman 19:52 22-Dec-2014 Novato, CA
Matt Coleman Eventual Memorial World Record Beer Mile Run
45 From Bottle Racer 5 IPA
Ron Coleman 12:28 1-Aug-2014 Gulf Breeze, FL
Da 6th Annual Fat Crab Beer Mile
From Bottle Pabst Blue Ribbon
Will "the Thrill" Coleman 10:12 26-May-2006 Louisville, KY
Louisville Beer/Soda Mile #3 -- 2006
21 From Can Budweiser Made dad proud
Will "Chugger" Coleman 10:15 12-Aug-2005 Louisville, KY
Beer or Soda Mile
20 From Can Budweiser
Will "Who me?" Coleman 10:45 15-Aug-2005 Louisville, KY
Beer/Soda Mile #2
20 From Can Budweiser A week of drinking did him in tonight
Will "Get off the Island" Coleman 11:48.998 19-Aug-2006 Louisville, KY
Beer Mile #5
21 From Can Budweiser Much unimproved
Shannon Coles 15:07 17-Aug-2002 Sarnia, ON
2nd Annual Beach Beer Mile
20 From Can Export
Kelley McLaughlin Colette Hartley 11:19 10-Aug-2016 Iowa City, IA, United States
Iowa City Area's 3rd Annual Beer Mile
51 From Can Coors Relay Team
Cole "Downtown" Czuchnicki 9:01 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
30 From Can Coors Banquet First-time beer miler learned all about the chunder, but still came in under 10 mins! Expect big things in beer mile years to come!
Nicole Derrick 7:42 22-Oct-2016 Flat Rock Speedway
2016 Michigan Beer Mile
Nicole Dwyer 7:38 14-Jun-2003 Peterborough, ON
Peterborough Beer Mile
27 From Can Upper Canada Rookie Mile, lots of puking afterwards
Nicole Freeman 6:54.1 22-Jun-2017 East River Track, NY, NY
2017 Spring NYC Champagne Mile Championship
Nicole Froelich 13:32 9-Feb-2014 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Winter Beer Mile
From Cup Jello Shot
Nicole Froelich 20:34 4-Nov-2012 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Fall Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Nicole Froelich 25:39 1-Sep-2013 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Summer Beer Mile
From Bottle Shock Top
Nicole Grossberg 10:02.8 6-Aug-2010 Houston, TX
2010 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
26 From Can Miller High Life
Nicole Hill 7:32 24-Nov-2009 Palos Heights, Illinois
Trinity Christian College 1st Annual Milk Mile
From Cup 2% Milk
Cole Holmstrom 10:50 23-Nov-2009 Terre Haute, Indiana
2008 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Nicole Luzza 10:36 28-Oct-2016 Fawkner Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
2016 Fawkner Frothfest
37 Molson Canadian
Nicole Luzza 11:11 23-Oct-2015 Fawkner Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2015 Fawkner Frothfest
36 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
Nicole Muriithi 16:06 20-Aug-2013 New Orleans, LA
NOLA Summer Beer Mile
Heineken Heat 1
Froelich Nicole 17:14 21-Mar-2015 Hillsboro, OR
Dan & John's Birthday Mile
29 From Bottle Redd's Strawberry Ale
Just Nicole 14:29 1-Jan-2018 San Diego, CA, United States
CA Larrikins Hash 6th Annual New Years Day Beermile
33 From Can Miller High Life
Nicole O'Connor 85:45 26-May-2018 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Purely Pretoria Beer Mile & Night Market May 2018
From Cup Hazeldean Brewing, Legends Brewery, Bernies Brewery, Leaky Tap Brewery
Coleman "C-Man-P" P 13:57.13 8-Apr-2017 Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Second Annual Spring Classic Beer Mile
From Can PBR Flew in from Vancouver just for this. Penalty lap.
Cole "Spew 2.0" Pilgrim 8:20 15-Dec-2018 Shreveport, LA
Team Cyco Suds Mile 9
24 From Can Budweiser I thought this was a hash run?
Nicolene Roux 32:23 12-Nov-2016 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Purely Pretoria Hazeldean Valley Beer Run
25 From Cup Hazeldean Brewing Company; Friars Habit Brewery
Cole Sanseverino 6:58.8 14-Nov-2015 Flatrock Speedway, Carlton, MI
2015 Michigan Beer Mile, Elite Heat
Cole Scitzer 9:59 4-May-2018 Edmonton
Edmonton BeerMile 2018
33 From Can PBR
Nicole Spargo 15:40 20-May-2017 Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
2017 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Bottle DB Export Citrus Not sure about this 'beers' though
Nicole Speigl 17:10 1-Nov-2015 Grand Rapids, MI, United States
The Beer Mile (a charity event)
Nicole St James 20:46 16-Dec-2008 Victoria, BC
5th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
36 From Bottle St Ambroise Apricot
Ryan "Champ" VerColen 13:31 3-Jul-2015 Macedon, New York
3rd Annual Cream Ridge Beer Mile
From Can Genny Cream Ale Former Champ returns!