Collin Tracy

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Idaho Performance #9
Official State of Pennsylvania Performance #13
Official Performance Drinking Miller Genuine Draft #7

19 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Collin Bundy 40:18 21-Feb-2015 Hillsboro, OR
OBMA Beer Mile - Victor's birthday!
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Clair Collin 19:13 19-Aug-2015 Toronto, a track near to Yonge/Lawrence
Toronto Classico Beermile 2015
Claire "I'm an Aussie, of course I can drink" Collin 9:28 13-Aug-2014 Toronto, a track near to Yonge/Lawrence
Toronto Classico Beermile 2014
From Can Canadian
Jeff "The Prez" Collingwood 12:23 23-Oct-2010 St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
3rd Annual Athletics NORTHeast Bowring Park Beer Mile
48 From Can Pussy Beer
Scott Collingwood 8:08 30-Mar-2018 Brightwater oval
Sunshine Coast shooter mile prelim 2018
Scott Collingwood 12:00 30-Mar-2018 Brightwater oval
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile prelim 2018
Brent Collins 9:35 15-Mar-2008 Winnipeg, MB
2008 Manitoba Winter Beermile
From Can Budweiser
Charlie Collins 9:44.73 7-Mar-2015 Atlanta, GA
St. Practice Day Beer Mile
26 Miller High Life
Craig Collins 8:24 10-Nov-2012 Sydney, Cape Breton
2012 House Crawl Beermile
36 From Can Budweiser
Dave Collins 16:05 15-Nov-1996 London, ON
UWO / Queen's Virtual Beer Mile
Dominic Collins 9:57 3-May-2014 Gaffney, SC
The Beer Mile Yet To Be Named
19 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon I misspelled his name in the bad
Jeanette Collins 11:38 5-Apr-1997 Kingston, ON
3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Kimberly Collins 16:06 29-Oct-2016 Kill Devil Hills, NC, United States
Inaugural Beer Witch Project
40 From Cup OBBS
Neil "Trplstk" Collins 9:42 13-Sep-2010 McLean, VA
Guys Night Out
48 From Bottle Budweiser Wheat Still crazy after all these years.
Vince "Sleeper Pick" Collins 7:12 4-Jan-2008 Philadelphia, PA
Hawks Beer Mile
18 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
Collin "Collin' Me Maybe" Fedor 5:20 27-Jun-2014 Newton, MA
2014 NSTF and Friends Chocolate Milk Mile
20 From Cup Chocolate milk Champ!
Collin Maryin 9:55 15-Jul-2017 Aquebogue, New York
Aquebogue Invitational 2017
34 From Can Budweiser
Collin Smith 8:00 8-Jun-2009 Austin, TX
Central Texas Chocolate Milk Mile
19 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Collin Tracy 8:08 18-May-2017 Caldwell, ID, United States
2nd Annual Coyote Classic
21 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon