Connor L

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of North Dakota Performance #21
Official State of Wisconsin Performance #39
Official Performance Drinking Summer Honey #2
Official Performance Drinking Blue Buck #6
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light Platinum` #1

14 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Connor "rookie" Carroll 13:36 29-Apr-2010 Edmonton, AB
Fifth Edmonton Beer Mile Classic
Michael "James Van Der Beek" Connor 6:53 3-Sep-2013 Irvine, CA
SOM Beer Mile
27 From Can Budweiser
Connor "C-Danger" Danielson 7:58 18-Nov-2016 Grand Forks, ND, United States
UND Firewater Run 2016
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum Tanked on beer #4/thought he could win
Connor "Danger/Condom/Fag" Danielson 11:09 17-Nov-2017 Grand Forks, ND, United States
UND Firewater Run 2017
21 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum` Awful effort after a decent debut last year. Woof
Connor Foley 13:55 28-Dec-2019 Kent, WA, USA
Kent Soda Mile Winter Classic 2019
From Can Mountain Dew
Connor Karlsen 12:45 24-Jan-2016 Kwajalein Atoll
Second Kwaj Beer Mile
From Can Soda
Connor L 11:04 23-Aug-2018 Missoula, MT, USA
1st Annual onX Beer Mile
From Can Summer Honey
Connor Lock 10:18 1-Apr-2015 1593 Oceanic Street, Charleston, SC, United States
OSR April Fools Beer Mile to Nowhere
Connor "Mr Incredible" Morgan-Lang 25:52 15-Aug-2016 16th and Discovery
7th Annual iEtaPi Beer Mile
24 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Connor "Mr. Fantastic" Morgan-Lang 28:53 17-Aug-2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada
6th Annual iEtaPi Beer Mile
23 From Can Blue Buck 15 minute 3rd beer
Charlie O'Connor 15:16 24-Nov-2018 Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Beer Mile - 2nd anniversary
Nicole O'Connor 85:45 26-May-2018 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Purely Pretoria Beer Mile & Night Market May 2018
From Cup Hazeldean Brewing, Legends Brewery, Bernies Brewery, Leaky Tap Brewery
Michael O’Connor 31:25 16-Sep-2017 Bristow, OK, USA
Bristow Backwoods Trail Beer Mile
30 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Connor Sullivan 8:54 4-Jul-2016 Klink Court, Hartland, WI, United States
Making America Great Again Beer Mile
27 From Can Miller High Life