Corey Bellemore

Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #1 #2 #3 #7 #15 #16 #25 #36 #41 #72 #84 #98 #115 #132 #171 #194
All-time Official Male Performance #1 #2 #3 #14 #15 #24 #34 #38
Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #12
Official Province of Manitoba, Canada Performance #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #8
Official Province of Ontario, Canada Performance #1
Official State of Florida Performance #9
Official State of Massachusetts Performance #28
Official State of Ohio Performance #25
Official State of Texas Performance #2 #3 #5
Official 2008 Performance #7
Official Performance Drinking Budweiser #5
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light Platinum #2 #3 #4 #13 #14
Official Performance Drinking Lucky #1
Official Performance Drinking Blue Moon #8
Official Performance Drinking Labatt's Blue #2
Official Performance Drinking Rainier #4
Official Performance Drinking Steeler #5
Official Performance Drinking Kingfisher #1 #2
Official Performance Drinking Kokanee Gold #1 #2
Official Performance Drinking Flying Monkeys #1 #2

53 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Corey 18:02 14-May-2015 Savannah, Ga.
SAVH3 Beer Mile
Corey Beckett 14:58 3-Oct-2008 Toronto, ON
UofT Engineering Rugby!
19 From Can Lakeport Honey
Corey Beckett 17:48 15-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Skule(tm) Rugby beermile
Corey Bellemore 4:33.6 28-Oct-2017 Kezar Stadium San Francisco CA
San Francisco Delta's Invitational
22 From Bottle Flying Monkeys CAN: World Record, Canadian Record, US All-Comers Record,
Corey Bellemore 4:34.35 31-Jul-2016 London, United Kingdom
Beer Mile World Classic London 2016: Mens' Elite Championship
From Bottle Kingfisher World Record
Corey ".5 (Left after Race)" Bellemore 4:36.8 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
2019 Beer Mile World Classic
24 From Bottle Flying Monkeys Canada
Corey Bellemore 4:39.56 28-Jul-2016 Windsor, ON, Canada
Corey Bellemore Time Trial
From Bottle Kingfisher
Corey Bellemore 4:48.2 17-Dec-2016 Austin, TX, United States
2016 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships
Corey Bellemore 99:99 11-Aug-2018 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Beer Mile World Classic 2018
From Bottle Flying Monkeys CAN: 4:24.4, but 4.5 ounce
Corey "Fetus Bot" Botma 5:40 17-Nov-2007 San Diego, CA
PLNU Twilight Milk Mile Classic
19 From Cup 2% Milk
Just Corey 11:38 1-Jan-2018 San Diego, CA, United States
CA Larrikins Hash 6th Annual New Years Day Beermile
42 From Can Miller High Life
Corey Deveaux 7:12 10-Nov-2012 Sydney, Cape Breton
2012 House Crawl Beermile
29 From Can Labatt's Blue three-peat!
Corey "two timing" Deveaux 7:17 12-Nov-2011 Sydney, Cape Breton
4th Annual CB Barbarians House Crawl Beer Mile
28 From Can Labbatt Blue PB 2 time champ New CB Record
Corey Deveaux 7:40 6-Nov-2010 Sydney, Cape Breton
CB Barbarians House Crawl Beer Mile
27 From Can Labbat's Blue Beginners Luck
Corey Dunham 7:20 18-Nov-2015 Bellbrook, OH, United States
Centerville XC Post-Season Milk Mile 2015
17 From Cup Chocolate milk
Corey "Whipper" Gallager 5:57 20-Mar-2010 Winnipeg, MB
2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile
24 From Bottle Richards Red Set a new manitoba beermile record after the former record holder ducked him...again.
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallager 11:30 24-May-2008 Winnipeg, MB
1st Annual DMR beer-race
From Can OV Mile Leg. (RamRod)
Corey Gallagher 4:48.62 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Men's Elite
28 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Corey Gallagher 4:54.38 10-Oct-2015 University of Manitoba
Corey Gallagher vs. Himself
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Corey Gallagher 5:00.2 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Men's Elite
27 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Corey "WhipHubley" Gallagher 5:01.57 23-Aug-2014 Winnipeg, MB
2014 Manitoba Summer Beermile
27 From Bottle Budweiser
Corey "WhipHubley" Gallagher 5:10 25-Aug-2012 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Summer Beermile 2012
From Bottle Kokanee Gold 1st attempt at the world record comes up just short
Corey Gallagher 5:14.9 28-Oct-2017 Kezar Stadium San Francisco CA
San Francisco Delta's Invitational
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum CAN
Corey "WhipHubley" Gallagher 5:18.16 12-Aug-2017 Allianz Park, London England
Beer Mile World Classic: 2017 Men
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum CAN: First World Classic
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher 5:23 17-Mar-2012 Winnipeg, MB
2012 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Bottle Kokanee Gold Broke his own Manitoba beermile record by over 20s. It was also his birthday
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher 5:27.8 11-Aug-2018 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Beer Mile World Classic 2018
Corey Gallagher 5:41 19-Aug-2017 Winnipeg, MB, Canada
2017 Manitoba Summer Beermile
From Bottle Blue Moon Ran in blue jeans!
Corey "Whipper" Gallagher 5:45 19-Mar-2011 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Manitoba Winter beermile
24 2 seconds off his Manitoba record. Helped shovel the track the night before and got way past loaded.
Corey "whip Hubley" Gallagher 6:19 21-Mar-2009 Winnipeg, MB
2009 Manitoba Winter Beer Mile
22 From Can Lucky New provincial record by 2 seconds (see notes)
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher 6:27 22-Aug-2008 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba 2008 Summer Beermile
21 From Can Lucky 6 seconds off MB record
Corey "Whipper" Gallagher 6:37 15-Mar-2008 Winnipeg, MB
2008 Manitoba Winter Beermile
From Can Lucky Extra
Corey Gallagher 7:04 20-Aug-2016 Winnipeg, MB, Canada
2016 Manitoba Summer Beermile
From Bottle Kokanee Gold Literally jogged it.
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher 7:33 17-Mar-2007 Winnipeg, MB
2007 Manitoba Winter Beermile
20 From Can Kokanee birthday boy
Corey Gallagher 8:14 3-Aug-2007 Winnipeg, MB
2007 Manitoba Summer Beer Mile
21 From Can n/a Made mistake of brining a girl he was ''working on'' to the event.
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher 8:14.82 4-Aug-2007 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Summer Beer Mile Championships
From Can Budweiser was still hurting from drinking the night before
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher 9:02 2-Aug-2009 Thunder Bay, ON
Merry Men Invitational
22 From Can 2 Labatt 50s 1 Lakeport Honey 1 Schlitz He delivers the mail and looks delicious in pink tights
Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher 12:04 17-Aug-2007 Winnipeg, MB
2007 Manitoba Vodka 3000m Steeplechase
21 From Cup Smirnoff World Record
Corey "Whipper" Gallagher 12:58 25-Jun-2006 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Summer Beermile
19 From Can Budweiser
Corey Hahn 5:59 20-Nov-2011 Terre Haute, Indiana
2011 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Corey Large 9:44 3-May-2017 Cleveland, OH, United States
4th Annual Spring Finals Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Corey "Gimme A" Last Name 17:51 10-Aug-2018 Anchorage, AK, USA
Cuddy Beer MIle Vol. 3
44 From Can Twister Creek IPA
Corey Levin 13:56 7-Jul-2007 Tolland, CT
Beer Mile Summer Spectacular 777
From Can Natural Ice
Corey Martin 10:28 20-Jun-2015 Seattle, WA
Drag Race Beer Mile
36 From Can Rainier
Corey "C-Palm" Palmer 11:30 24-Apr-2007 London, ON
Wrestler's Beer Mile
21 From Bottle Coors He was drunk when he started... it isn't his fault.
Corey Peyerk 6:59 5-Dec-2015 Florida 789, Sarasota, FL, United States
Mr. Beery's Beer Mile
33 From Can Budweiser
Corey Peyerk 7:14 28-Oct-2015 Bradenton, FL, United States
BRC 2nd Annual Beer Mile
33 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Corey "No Hurry" Presnick 14:18 21-May-2005 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott Memorial Beer Mile
24 From Can Budweiser with all those wheels, more was expected
Corey "Sharkman" Quackenbush 7:54 24-Oct-2015 Rants and Raves Brewery, Moscow, ID
Beer Chasers Halloween Beer Mile
From Bottle Twilight
Corey Quackenbush 9:13 7-May-2016 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Spring Beer Mile
From Can Coors Banquet
Corey Quackenbush 9:21 31-May-2015 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Spring Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Corey R. 6:18 16-May-2004 Coppell, TX
3rd Annual Coppell Chocolate Milk Mile (guys fast heat)
18 From Cup chocolate milk
Corey Robinson 7:03 12-Nov-2017 Charlestown, Boston, MA, United States
2017 Charlestown Classic
28 From Bottle Budweiser
Corey "Polar Bear" Woodruff 14:43 29-Oct-2017 Stony Creek Metropark, 4300 Shelby Road, Shelby charter Township, MI, United States
IMTC 4th Annual Beer Mile
38 From Can Bud Light Platinum