Cory Lewandowski

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of North Dakota Performance #12
Official State of Virginia Performance #19 #23
Official Performance Drinking Sapporo #16
Official Performance Drinking Pilsner #4 #15
Official Performance Drinking Guiness blond #1
Official Performance Drinking Blue Mountain Classic Lager #1
Official Performance Drinking Parkway Classic Lager #1

23 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Cory "Left 2 Paseo Sandwiches on the Track" 16:29 28-Jul-2012 Seattle, WA
2nd Annual Seattle (Formally SJ&J) Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon definite penalty lap
Zach "One Eyed Panther" Cory 8:56 9-Nov-2005 Grand Forks, ND
2nd Annual UND Firewater Fun Run
19 From Can Budweiser Freshman Biotch
Cory Davis 10:42 30-Jul-2005 Lake Oswego, OR
1st Annual Lake Oswego Beer Mile
18 From Can Miller High Life
Cory "El Diablo" Dukes 26:20 17-Aug-2013 Acworth, GA
The Great American Pecan Sandies Beer Mile
25 From Bottle Miller High Life Really, really, really threw up. Hard.
Cory Fearon 14:20 18-Jun-1999 Burlington, ON
Dofasco Beer Mile #1
Cory Fearon 18:08 1-Oct-1999 Burlington, ON
Dofasco Beer Mile #2
Cory Hart 23:00 19-Sep-2020 Muskego, WI
Muskego Beer Mile Fall Classic 2020
26 From Can Bud Light Platinum
Cory Hofman 8:29 24-Aug-2013 Boston, MA
From Can Budweiser Fastest Drinker
cory jennermann 6:59 3-Dec-2016 Vancouver, BC, Canada
3rd Annual Fraser Street Run Club Beer Mile
33 From Bottle Guiness blond
Cory Jennermann 7:40 15-May-2020 Vancouver BC
Virtual Vancouver Beer Mile
From Bottle Sapporo
Cory "Here's Your Reference #" Kemper 12:14 29-Jul-2011 Seattle, WA
The SJ&J Beer Mile
25 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Cory Krebes 12:00 20-Jul-2018 Cody, WY
The Cody Beer Mile
34 Budweiser
Cory Lewandowski 8:10 27-Apr-2018 New Taipei City, Taiwan
Taiwan Beer Mile National Championship
Taiwan Beer
Cory Maysmith 10:20 16-Dec-2008 Victoria, BC
5th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
27 From Can Alexander Keiths
Cory Mercer 9:12 10-Oct-2006 Edmonton, AB
2nd Annual Puke and Regroup Beer Mile
20 From Can Pilsner penalty lap, PB
Cory Mercer 11:19 21-Jan-2006 Edmonton, AB
The Puke and Regroup Beer Mile
19 From Can Pilsner penalty lap
Cory Neal 9:10 13-Jan-2018 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Bottle Blue Mountain Classic Lager
Cory Neal 9:24 15-Jul-2017 Chester, VA
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Parkway Classic Lager
Cory Neal 11:01 2-Jan-2016 Chester, VA
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Bottle Crispin Cider
Cory Neal 11:55 23-Jul-2016 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Cory Rogers 13:40 28-May-2016 Eugene, OR, United States
Eugene Beer Mile #7
38 From Can Budweiser
Cory Sauer 9:49.67 28-Jun-2015 Minneapolis, MN
N.E. Beer Mile
From Can Miller Lite
Cory Whiting 14:07 28-May-2011 Tauranga, New Zealand
New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB Spewed 4 times = shameful result