Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Grand Masters (50+) Performance #24
Official Province of Manitoba, Canada Performance #36
Official Province of Saskatchewan, Canada Performance #17
Official State of Nebraska Performance #2
Official State of Oregon Performance #41
Official State of Rhode Island Performance #2
Official State of Washington Performance #8
Official Performance Drinking Slingshot #26
Official Performance Drinking Lucky #10
Official Performance Drinking Erdinger #24
Official Performance Drinking Tecate #6
Official Performance Drinking Tooheys Dry #16
Official Performance Drinking Beer #13
Official Performance Drinking Heinekin #5 #5
Official Performance Drinking Lighthouse Lager #3
Official Performance Drinking Black Ice #1

63 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
DK "Donkey Kong" 16:59 20-Mar-2010 Winnipeg, MB
2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile
From Can Lucky On a Mission from Gad
Cat Adkins 16:14.7 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Open Heat 1
37 From Can Hops & Grain Zoe
Chris Adkins 6:59 18-Oct-2018 Holly Springs, NC
South Wake Beer Mile
28 From Cup CBC Manestay Kolsch
Sean "New Rez Prez" Adkins 10:04 27-Sep-2003 Montreal, PQ
Innaugural N.R.H McGill Beer Mile
18 From Can Budweiser
Zach Baedke 17:36 7-May-2010 Seward, NE
graduation eve beer mile
23 From Can Bud Light
Mary Goldkamp 7:53 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Women's Elite
Jed Kautz 10:42 5-Dec-2015 Hastings, NE, United States
Inaugural Beer Mile Attempt
30 From Can Budweiser
Todd "#31" Keating 9:26 22-Sep-2017 Tompkins Park, Applecross, Western Australia
Zaxon Cup II
34 From Bottle Budweiser
Todd "Toddles McSmallthroat" Keating 11:30 26-Feb-2017 Gilbert Fraser Reserve, North Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia
The Inaugural Zaxon Beer Mile
33 From Bottle Corona
Todd Keating 12:20 7-Sep-2018 Tompkins Park, Melville WA, Australia
The 4th Zaxon Beer Mile Cup
Richard Kelland 13:26 8-Aug-2010 Ottawa, ON
Old Ottawa South Beer Mile 2010
29 From Bottle Big Rock Traditional Ale 50% improvement over last year!
David "DK" Kelly 8:05 25-Aug-2012 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Summer Beermile 2012
From Can Lucky First time under 9 minutes, brings an old friend out of retirement
David "DK" Kelly 10:31 28-Jul-2011 Iroquois Falls, ON
Pre Dave Dip's wedding Beermile: round 2
25 From Can Boxer Dressed as a soccer ref
David "Smiley" Kelly 10:37 23-Oct-2010 St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
3rd Annual Athletics NORTHeast Bowring Park Beer Mile
David "DK" Kelly 10:50 14-May-2011 Saskatoon, SK
2011 Beerlympics Beer Mile
From Can Lucky Realllly wants to point out that he beat PK.
David "DK" Kelly 11:30 24-Aug-2013 Winnipeg, MB
2013 Manitoba Summer Beermile
David "Bikerack" Kelly 12:04 27-Jul-2011 Thunder Bay, ON
Pre Dave Dip's wedding Beermile: round 1
25 From Can Gold Strong trying to have a WR with Gold strong. It's 8% and he hated it
David "DK" Kelly 12:54 23-Aug-2014 Winnipeg, MB
2014 Manitoba Summer Beermile
David "Bike rack" Kelly 14:15 19-Mar-2011 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Black Ice Apparently after living in a northern community for months he thinks its okay to run a beermile with Black Ice...though he wore a helmet just incase something bad happened.
David "Bike Rack" Kelly 14:16 2-Aug-2009 Thunder Bay, ON
Merry Men Invitational
23 From Can Labatt Blue Wore a soccer ref's uniform and yellow-carded DNF guy for being too emo and DNF'ing, also a puker
David "DK" Kelly 15:59 25-Jul-2009 Winnipeg, MB
2009 Manitoba Summer beermile championships
From Can Lucky Puked. made himself a proton excellorator and ran with it. Possibly crossed streams which would explain his time.
Todd "TK" Kelly 6:53 25-Jul-2009 San Francisco, CA
4th Annual WVTC Summer Classic
From Bottle Budweiser 9 sec PR
Todd Kelly 6:59 14-Aug-2010 San Francisco, CA
5th Annual WVTC Summer Classic
From Bottle Budweiser
Todd "TK" Kelly 7:02 13-Feb-2010 San Francisco, CA
4th Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Bottle Budweiser
Todd "TK" Kelly 7:02.6 21-Mar-2009 San Francisco, CA
3rd Annual WVTC Winter Classic
39 From Bottle Budweiser Fastest Chug & Most Improved, 3:14 PR
Todd "TK" Kelly 10:16 24-Feb-2007 San Francisco, CA
1st Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Can Budweiser w/ Penalty Lap
Todd "TK" Kelly 11:18.8 5-Jul-2008 San Francisco, CA
3rd Annual WVTC Summer Classic
38 From Bottle Budweiser
ED KERR 13:10 3-Sep-2015 Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom
LFR - rouund 1
30 From Bottle FOSTERS
Marie and Kim 9:32 14-Jan-2017 4421 Cream Ridge Road, Macedon, NY, United States
2017 Women's Tag Team Cream Ridge Winter Beer Mile
Ed Kiolbasa 7:46 19-May-2018 Bellingham, WA, USA
Squalicum twilight
20 Budweiser
Ed "Sausage" Kiolbasa 7:50 18-Nov-2016 Grand Forks, ND, United States
UND Firewater Run 2016
From Can Budweiser Freshman winner
Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk 7:42 11-Jul-2010 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
3rd annual FFKICBMC
48 From Bottle Budweiser Winner again - of course the FFK stands for Fast Freddy Kirk
Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk 7:42 15-Jul-2011 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
4th Annual FFKICBMC
49 From Bottle Budweiser Freddy finally doesn't win his Invitational
Fred "Fast" Kirk 7:43 29-Jul-2017 undisclosed location in Rhode Island, RI
10th Annual FFKICBMC
55 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum Probably the fastest time for a 55 year old ever. This race is named after him (FFK is for Fast) he keeps winning
Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk 7:50 4-Aug-2013 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
6th Annual FFKICBMC
51 From Bottle Budweiser the 3rd fastest time for a 51 year old. He's won this almost every year.
Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk 7:54 3-Aug-2012 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
5th Annual FFKICBMC
50 From Bottle Budweiser Turned 50, a great time
Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk 8:08 9-Aug-2014 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
7th Annual FFKICBMC
52 From Can Budweiser Not as fast as last year, still winning every year the FFK in the name of the race are his initials
Fred "Fast Freddy" Kirk 8:12 27-Aug-2008 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
1st annual FFKICBMC
45 From Can Budweiser
Fred "Fast" Kirk 9:05 11-Aug-2018 Undisclosed Location in Rhode Island
11th Annual FFKICBMC
57 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum Not running much these days, Kevin says he'll kick his ass next year
Fred "Fast" Kirk 12:26 11-Aug-2018 Undisclosed Location in Rhode Island
11th Annual FFKICBMC
57 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum He ran both heats and won the second with this time
Sid "The Golden Boy" Kitchen 8:34 18-Nov-2005 Regina, SK
2005 UofR Cougar Track and Field Beer Mile
17 From Can Canadian
Chad "Chadskie" Klein 8:30 10-Dec-2005 McMinnville, OR
First Annual Linfield Beer Mile Invitational
From Can Tecate
David Kleinman 20:15 17-Nov-2007 Austin, TX
Texas Marathon, Fall 2007
24 From Can Lone Star 5 Laps
JD Klimczyk 13:58 13-Nov-2004 San Antonio, TX
1st Annual TxState/UTSA Dual
18 From Can bud light TXST-vomit
Richard Knowlton 10:23 22-Dec-2009 Victoria, BC
6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
28 From Can Lighthouse Lager Did penalty lap
Konrad Knudsen 6:40 1-Sep-2012 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA
West Valley Winter Classic
Roland Kocor 13:18 20-Sep-2018 Veszprém, Magyarország
VIII. Veszprém Sörmérföld
From Can Heineken
Dávid Kontó 19:27 20-Sep-2018 Veszprém, Magyarország
VIII. Veszprém Sörmérföld
From Can Heineken
Richard Koppenol 15:17 28-Jan-2008 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship
63 From Bottle Tooheys Dry
Richard Koppenol 16:26 26-Jan-2007 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship
61 From Bottle Tooheys Dry Walker-Had a 40 metre lead at the start(fastest drinker in town). Great performance after last years DNF
David Kornfield 7:49 7-Jan-2012 Bellevue, WA
VO2 Beer Mile
From Can Heineken
Wynand Kotze 9:28 9-Oct-2015 McArthur Stadium, Potchefstroom, South Africa
Potch 2015 Beer Mile
29 From Bottle Erdinger
Rowland Kriesig 9:01.3 3-Jul-1999 Burlington, ON
3rd Annual Burlington Beer Mile
Chad Krippner 7:25 5-Dec-2015 Portland, OR, United States
Oregon Beer Mile 2015 - Men's Elite
45 Vancouver, WA
Sid Kwallel 24:41 11-Aug-2001 Edmonton, AB
2001 World Beer Mile Championships
Terri "Whitey" Ladka 14:03 31-May-2014 Rockland, MA
Black Rock Peaches BeerMile II
Virgin Mile
Lisa Nieradka 9:34.5 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 1
From Can Slingshot
Joanna Radke 11:57 30-Jul-2015 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #6
38 From Bottle Stella Artois
Joanna Radke 12:44 11-May-2013 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #3
36 From Can Heinekin
Otto Radke 11:19 30-Jul-2015 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #6
45 From Bottle Stella Artois
Otto Radke 12:44 11-May-2013 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #3
43 From Can Heinekin
Dan Radkowiec 8:34.6 13-Aug-1998 Welland, ON
Niagara Regional Athletic's 1st Annual
Paul Woidke 9:30 1-Jul-2014 Westerville, OH
CRC TNT Inaugural Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser