Danielle Solondz (XF)

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Genny Cream Ale #6

19 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Danielle Behm 10:57 22-Nov-2009 Jacksonville, FL
End of XC season beermile
25 From Can Budweiser what a champ, did let the 2nd lap ralph stop her
Danielle Broussard 15:21 21-Jun-2005 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Summer Beer Mile
Danielle "CUNT" Bunklemen 34:05 25-Jun-2005 Spring Lake, NC
Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers Shiggy Beer Mile 2005
Danielle Choi 22:00 11-Nov-2010 Fredericton, NB
Freddy Beach Beer Mile
Danielle Deemer 13:27.35 5-Nov-2005 Houston, TX
2005 Fall Houston Hash Beer Mile
28 From Can Miller High Life
Danielle Deemer 15:34.74 14-Jul-2006 Houston, TX
2006 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
30 From Can Miller High Life Penalty Lap
Danielle Elliott 13:14 3-Sep-2016 Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale, Fl
2016 Virgin Dick Memorial Beermile
26 Bud Light
Danielle Feligno 10:19 16-Jan-2016 4421 Cream Ridge Road, Macedon, NY, United States
2016 Cream Ridge Winter Beer Mile
Genny Cream Ale Iron Man Chick!!
Danielle Feligno 12:16 3-Jul-2016 Team Ostrander, Macedon, NY
2016 Cream Ridge Beer Mile
From Can Genny Bock
Danielle Fischer 10:04 8-Aug-2002 Victoria, BC
Lambert/Brown Wedding Invitational Beer Mile
30 From Can Kokanee
Danielle G 17:34 15-Nov-2019 Harry Downes Field
Not Brighton Bangers Winter Beer Mile 2019
Danielle Galvin 9:56 11-Jul-1997 Tallahassee, FL
Tallahassee Beer Mile
Danielle Gordanier 9:20.65 16-Jan-2011 Irvine, CA
The Foamy Frome
39 From Bottle Heineken/Root beer 3 beers/1 root beer
Danielle "Abs" Irwin 17:28 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
35 From Can Molson Canadian No sophomore jinx here! Shaves 5+ mins off to set a new PB.
Danielle Maslowsky 14:04.3 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 2
From Can Slingshot
Danielle Sheahan 13:34 21-Aug-2013 Toronto, ON
GBP Beer Mile. Gulp. Bolt. Puke.
26 From Bottle Steamwhistle first to puke followed by an amazing comeback to 4th.
Danielle "Abs" Solondz (XF) 22:44 29-Jul-2016 DUNDAS ON
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile 4; The 1st Olympiad
34 From Can Coors Banquet Another debut race, and doubled-back the next morning with a Monster-Mash CrossFit WOD.
Danielle Vlaho 41:24 29-Jul-2014 Montreal, PQ
1st Annual Beers 4 Kidz Beer Mile
28 From Can Miller High Life
Danielle "Winfast" Winslow 8:01 27-Jun-2014 Newton, MA
2014 NSTF and Friends Chocolate Milk Mile
21 From Cup Chocolate milk