Dennis Ryan

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Bud Light #4
Official Performance Drinking Tooheys Dry #4
Official Performance Drinking Fosters #13
Official Performance Drinking San Miguel Light #1 #2

33 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Dennis 8:45 14-Jul-2012 Irvine, CA
City of Irvine Beer Mile Championship
46 From Can Corona
Dennis de Monchy 11:36 16-May-2015 Tauranga, New Zealand
2015 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can VB Dressed as a Sushi Roll...brilliant
Dennis de Monchy 15:28 21-May-2016 Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
2016 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Can Fosters He was climbing mountains alright
Jamey "Beef Up" Dennis 10:56 1-Nov-2014 Eugene, OR
Eugene Beer Mile #5
36 From Can PBR Coors
Ray Dennis 10:23 29-Sep-2012 Guam
Guam Beer Mile Summer Classic
B. "HITS" Dennison 19:38 12-May-2013 Uni High, Los Angeles, CA
LAH3 2013 Beer Mile
66 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon Maiden voyage
Jessica Dennison 9:59.3 1-Aug-2009 Fort Wayne, IN
6th Annual
16 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Tyler "The Lock Mess Monster" Denniston 8:50.2 12-Aug-2017 Allianz Park, London England
Beer Mile World Classic: 2017 Men
SCOT: Puked. Only Scottish Finisher
Dennis Doherty 10:51 5-Apr-1997 Kingston, ON
3rd Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile
Dennis Fitzgerald 7:08 26-Jan-2006 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship
35 From Bottle Tooheys Dry 345ml/5%
Dennis Futterlieb 7:40 20-Jul-2018 Koblenz, Germany
4. Race Rheinland Beermile Worldcup
26 From Bottle Heineken
dennis g 13:25 16-May-2004 Thiells, NY
nr 2nd beer mile
19 From Can busch i hate you
Dennis "D.B. Murdock" Guiterez 11:35 17-Apr-2004 Miami, FL
FIU Cram Jam Classic
20 From Can budweiser Most volume puke Award
Dennis "D.B Murdock" Gutierez (the goot) 14:05 27-Mar-2005 Miami, FL
FIU Spring Break - Return of the Goot a.k.a. (the gouch)
20 From Bottle Bud Light MVA Most Volume(puke) Award - (pl)
Dennis "D. B. Murdock" Gutierrez 9:32 12-Feb-2004 Miami, FL
FIU Valentine Massacre
18 From Can Bud Light Coach's Award
Dennis "D. B. Murdock" Gutierrez 12:46 23-Dec-2003 Thiells, NY
Rockland Holiday Beer Mile Classic
18 From Bottle Budweiser
Dennis "heals" Healy 17:14 3-Apr-2004 Windsor, ON
Windsor Spring Beer Mile
26 From Can Old Mill triple jump included
Dennis Hilsenhof 14:36 2-Nov-2008 Madison, WI
3rd Annual Halloween Beer Mile
From Can MGD Light
Dennis* "pussywart" Ho* 10:48 22-Aug-2010 Jacksonville, FL
2nd Annual Preseason Projectile Classic
31 From Bottle Stella* 11.2 oz beer
Dennis Hodapp 5:56 8-Jun-2009 Austin, TX
Central Texas Chocolate Milk Mile
17 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Dennis Karadadas 12:16 15-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Skule(tm) Rugby beermile
Dennis "I'm From Boston" Leahy 11:13 29-Jul-2011 Seattle, WA
The SJ&J Beer Mile
29 From Can Budweiser
Dennis Lefief 22:18 23-Oct-2016 Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp., MI
IMTC 3rd Annual Beer Mile
67 From Can Labbat Blue Male 11th Place
Dennis "Rookie" Manns 8:42 12-Nov-2016 Montabaur, Deutschland
RSG Montabaur Biermeile 2016
From Can Heineken 5% 0.33l
Dennis Maser 32:07 19-Jun-2011 Arlington, VA
She Said That
28 From Bottle Moosehead
Dennis M├Ągi 16:44.8 28-Sep-2014 Esbjerg, Denmark
Carsten Bojsen memorial 2014
19 From Can Royal 6.0 % Incl. penalty lap
Dennis Ryan 8:58 26-May-2012 Irvine, CA
Orange County Beer Mile Championships
Dennis Ryan 8:59 11-Aug-2013 Irvine, CA
OC Beer Mile Championships
46 From Can Coors
Dennis St. Jean 6:08 23-Jul-2017 Cranston, RI, United States
Chocolate Milk Mile
16 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Dennis Trips 11:55 28-Sep-2007 Toronto, ON
Skule(TM) Rugby Rookie Beer Mile
Dennis Uy 12:37 10-Dec-2016 Pozorrubio, Ilocos Region, Philippines
2nd Pozorrubio Runner's Club Beer Mile Challenge
45 From Can San Miguel Light
Dennis "Dennis" Uy 12:38.36 13-Dec-2013 Pozorrubio, Philippines
1st PRC (Pozorrubio Runner's Club) Beer Mile Run
42 From Can San Miguel Light
Dennis Wassberg 11:00 30-Sep-2016 Kristinebergs IP, Stockholm
Beer Mile - The Invitational
From Bottle Miller Genuine Draft