Emily Campbell

Notable Beer Miling Performances

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Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Emily Campbell 24:41 27-Jul-2018 DUNDAS ON
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VI
22 From Can Coors Banquet 3rd Beer Mile at her young age. PB'd this year by ditching the weight vest. Doesn't come from good Beer Mile stock so has to train harder for '19.
Emily "Cup 'o Soup" Campbell 26:12 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
21 From Can Coors Banquet Bounce-back year after failing to finish in '16. 3rd year at Western paying off already. Classic CrossFit move, and a first for this event; ran the race in her 20 lb weight-vest!
Emily AM Campbell 26:30 5-Jul-2019 Dundas Ontario Canada
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VII
23 From Can Coors Banquet CHUNDER - Em's Dad quietly applauded the Chunder, allowing him to sneak past her for the Campbell family win!