Eric A

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Grand Masters (50+) Performance #30
Official Province of Alberta, Canada Performance #49
Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #49
Official State of Colorado Performance #28
Official State of Massachusetts Performance #16
Official State of Michigan Performance #22
Official State of Missouri Performance #39
Official State of Oregon Performance #33
Official Super Grand Hash Masters (69+) Performance #4
Official 1998 Performance #12
Official 1999 Performance #5
Official 2002 Performance #12
Official 2003 Performance #5
Official Performance Drinking Kokanee #8
Official Performance Drinking Canadian #7
Official Performance Drinking Carlsberg #12
Official Performance Drinking Great Raft #9
Official Performance Drinking Miller #15
Official Performance Drinking Molson Ex #9
Official Performance Drinking Mickeys Big Mouth #10
Official Performance Drinking Red Horse #7
Official Performance Drinking Corona Extra #2
Official Performance Drinking Bud Select #1
Official Performance Drinking Urban South Who Dat #1
Official Performance Drinking NOLA Greenwave #1
Official Performance Drinking Fancy #1
Official Performance Drinking Catle Lite #1
Official Performance Drinking Islander #1
Official Performance Drinking Yingling Premium #1

110 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
America's Next Model 13:55 27-May-2017 SEHS Track 24th and Amazon, Eugene Oregon
Eugene Beer Mile #8 Pre Lives
69 From Can PBR
Eric Harper "Princess" 13:15 6-Jun-2014 St. Louis
St. Louis
From Can Coors penalty lap
Eric Kahl "bam bam" 8:03 5-Jul-2009 Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota's 2nd Annual Beer Mile - Summer Edition
38 From Can budweiser virgin beermiler
Paul Erickson "PaulyGram" 8:03 22-Nov-2013 Nashville, TN
The Beer Mile Before Monkey
46 From Can Budweiser
Jeanine Hitchcock / Erica Story 9:35 16-Jan-2016 4421 Cream Ridge Road, Macedon, NY, United States
2016 Women's Tag Team Cream Ridge Winter Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Eric A 7:00 15-Jun-2012 saint joseph, mo
pub ride beer mile
24 From Can bud heavy
Eric Baker 11:23 17-Nov-2007 Chicago, IL
Chicago Beer Mile III
From Can Budweiser
Eric Baker 16:51 6-Dec-2008 Chicago, IL
Chicago Beer Mile IV - Yes we can!
From Can Budweiser
Frederick "Chill" Bouchard 17:22 30-Sep-2006 Sherbrooke, PQ
Initiation Cross-Country USherbrooke
22 From Can Molson Ex
Eric Bradshaw 8:14 3-Oct-2008 Toronto, ON
UofT Engineering Rugby!
21 From Can Coca-Cola
Eric Braunschweig 7:19 30-Oct-2016 Carter Drive, West Chester, PA, United States
Levante Beer Mile
25 From Cup Levante Kolibri Kolsch
Eric "Shot gun" Cannon 11:46 24-May-2008 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 4th Annual
27 From Can Miller High Life
Eric "Turkey King" Charette 8:53 5-Aug-2011 Huntsville, AL
2011 Huntsville Beer Mile
35 From Can Bud Light Bib 1129
Eric Clark 14:27 9-Jul-2011 Regina, SK
2011 Regina Summer Beer Mile
average performance for this ex-speedster
Eric Cousineau 13:30 5-Oct-2002 Hull, PQ
Hull Beer Mile for Breast Cancer II
Eric Cuadros 13:55 4-Jul-2019 Sacramento
Sacramento World Invitational Games (SWIG) 2019
33 From Can Bud Light Good virgin run
Erica Dean 22:24 18-Nov-2014 Northampton, Ma
NHS Coke Mile 2014
From Can Coca-Cola Significantly slower than her 5k time.
Erick Delgado 10:40 23-Oct-2015 Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, United States
1st Annual IntervALE Beer Mile
48 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Eric Dettman 7:18 5-Dec-2015 Portland, OR, United States
Oregon Beer Mile 2015 - Men's Elite
27 Portland, OR
Eric "Old timer" Deveaux 8:57 12-Nov-2011 Sydney, Cape Breton
4th Annual CB Barbarians House Crawl Beer Mile
53 From Can Labbatt Blue PB
Eric Deveaux 9:27 6-Nov-2010 Sydney, Cape Breton
CB Barbarians House Crawl Beer Mile
52 From Can Labbat's Blue
Eric Deveaux 11:06 10-Nov-2012 Sydney, Cape Breton
2012 House Crawl Beermile
54 From Can Coors
Eric Elsasser 8:18.8 1-Aug-2009 Fort Wayne, IN
6th Annual
19 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Sullivan "Sully" Eric 10:17 15-Dec-2012
Team Cyco Sude Mile 5
47 From Can Fancy Fancy beer doesn't help
Jeanine and Erica 9:35 3-Jul-2016 Team Ostrander, Macedon, NY
2016 Women's Tag Team Cream Ridge Beer Mile
From Can PBR
Lauren and Erica 8:52 14-Jan-2017 4421 Cream Ridge Road, Macedon, NY, United States
2017 Women's Tag Team Cream Ridge Winter Beer Mile
Jordan Erickson 11:11 19-May-2018 Eltopia, WA, USA
Eltopia Beer Mile
29 From Can Budweiser Ran in 2 heats!
Eric Falk 9:37 2-Nov-2013 San Antonio, TX
2013 San Antonio Beer Mile
48 From Can Budweiser
Eric Falk 16:37 3-Nov-2012 San Antonio, TX
1st Annual San Antonio Beer Mile
44 From Can Budweiser 3rd place Male
Erick Feltham 9:02 1-Oct-1999 Burlington, ON
Dofasco Beer Mile #2
Erick Feltham 9:11 18-Jun-1999 Burlington, ON
Dofasco Beer Mile #1
Eric Fetherman 16:36 1-Jan-2017 Bellvue, CO, United States
New Years Resolution
32 From Can PBR
Eric Findlay 7:36 18-Dec-2007 Victoria, BC
4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
25 From Can Kokanee
Eric "Charisma" Frank 11:59 19-May-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott Memorial
31 From Can Budweiser sleeper pick for '07
Eric Goddard 10:34 19-Jul-2018 Byron, MN, USA
Team RED Beer Mile Championship - 6th Annual
From Can Coors Banquet
Eric Graves 15:40 20-May-2006 Salisbury, MD
3rd Annual Salisbury Beer Mile
From Can Natty Light 57 Last Lap
Eric Guzman 8:08.8 30-May-2009 Anchorage, AK
1st Annual Anchorage-Area Milk Mile
19 From Cup 2% Milk Great run, considering hasn't run in 3 years.
Eric Hamel 10:20 19-May-2018 Bellingham, WA, USA
Squalicum twilight
20 Budweiser
eric "canonball" hansen 8:15 25-Nov-2003 Brookings, SD
south dakota beer mile champs
21 From Can Miller High Life world record holder
eric "cannonball" hansen 10:07 20-Nov-2004 Brookings, SD
2nd annual south dakota beer mile championships
23 From Can Grain Belt puked penalty lap
eric "canonball" hanson 8:15 1-Jan-2003
south dakota state university beer mile champs
22 From Can Miller High Life male snow mile world record holder
Eric "Princess" Harper 8:04 29-Dec-2006 St Louis, MO
St. Louis 2006 Beer Mile
46 From Bottle Coors predicted sub-9
Eric "Princess" Harper 11:27 3-Jan-2014 St Louis, MO
St. Louis
From Can Coors
Eric "Princess" Harper 12:26 30-Dec-2005 St Louis, MO
St Louis 2005 Beer Mile
45 From Bottle Bud Select
Eric Harrington 10:05 24-Jul-2009 Akron, OH
2nd Annual Revere High School Showdown
22 From Can 3 PBR, 1 Molson
Eric Harrington 11:00 29-Jul-2008 Akron, OH
Revere High School Showdown
21 From Can Labbat's Blue
Andrea/Eric "Relay Team" Hebert/Cessford 30:14 30-Aug-2012 Vancouver, BC
Summer 2012 Vancouver Beer Mile
From Can Granville Island Honey Lager
Alexander Ickenroth 7:59 20-Jul-2018 Koblenz, Germany
4. Race Rheinland Beermile Worldcup
48 From Bottle Heineken
Alexander Ickenroth 8:23 13-Jul-2018 Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany
3. Race Rheinland Beermile Worldcup
From Bottle Heineken
Alexander Ickenroth 8:28 22-Jun-2018 Diez, Germany
2. Race Rheinland Beermile Worldcup
50 From Bottle Heineken
Eriction "Eriction" January 9:45 14-Sep-2013 Montreal, PQ
Initiation 2013
37 From Can Budweiser Wanted to beat the Chinois, Hey boy...Team Canada Speed suit
Eriction "Eriction" January 10:59 15-Sep-2012 Montreal, PQ
Initiations Montreal 2012
35 From Can Corona Extra Illegal beer - puke only After the mile!
Eric Knaebe 10:19 6-Dec-2003 Stevens Point, WI
First Annual Stevens Point Beer Mile
From Can Coors
Erica Laine 14:13 1-Aug-2014 Gulf Breeze, FL
Da 6th Annual Fat Crab Beer Mile
From Bottle Pabst Blue Ribbon
Erica Laine 14:58 3-Aug-2012 Gulf Breeze, FL
Da 4th Annual Fat Crab Beer Mile
From Bottle Pabst Blue Ribbon
Eric "Asian Team" Lam 10:27 13-Jul-2019 Troy, MI
JFOR - Maj.Brian Peaslee Memorial Beer Mile
25 From Can PBR Who talked me into this?
Eric Lamghjelm 7:55 11-Aug-2001 Edmonton, AB
2001 World Beer Mile Championships
Eric Langhelm 11:05 25-Aug-2000 Vancouver, BC
2nd Annual Brockton Oval Beer Mile
Eric Langhjelm 6:39 12-Sep-2003 Vancouver, BC
5th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
Eric Langhjelm 6:52 13-Sep-2002 Vancouver, BC
4th Annual Gemini Beer MIle
From Can Canadian
Eric Lanjhelm 6:37 30-Jul-1999 Vancouver, BC
BC Beer Miling Champs
Eric "Eargasm" Lauritzen 9:06.23 14-Jul-2006 Houston, TX
2006 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
35 From Can Miller High Life
Eric Lautenschalger 10:37.7 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 2
From Can Slingshot
Eric "Shoes" Lavigne 6:29 18-Apr-1998 Amherst, MA
NESCAC Championships I
Mericka Lehman 13:47.7 5-Dec-2001 greensburg, Pa
dukes beer mile
From Can Beast
Eric "Legs" Maas 9:48 12-Aug-2011 Cambridge Ontario
2nd Annual Cambridge Beer Mile
From Can Lakeport Honey
Eric Marquard 8:10.2 28-Dec-2008 Morris County, NJ
6th Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
45 From Bottle Yingling Premium
Eric Martin 8:55 8-Aug-2020 Altadena, CA
2020 Altadena Beer Mile Open
41 From Can Coors
Erica "emoff" Moffitt 7:01 18-Nov-2006 Anderson, IN
2006 Anderson University All-American Milk Mile
18 From Cup Chocolate Milk Not a bad performance at all.
Eric Nanicki 5:46.47 22-Nov-2009 Terre Haute, Indiana
2009 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Erica Nevens 20:10 22-Jun-2014 Ypao Road, Tamuning, Guam
Guam Beer Mile- 3rd Annual Summer Classic
Eric "The King" Paradis 15:54 21-Sep-2007 Sherbrooke, PQ
Mike Boule Official Beermile Training #3
25 From Can Budweiser Penalty Lap. Good improvement.
Eric "Rick the King" Paradis 17:57 7-Sep-2007 Sherbrooke, PQ
Mike Boule Official Beermile Training #1
25 From Can Budweiser First Beermile. Penalty lap. Maintained concentration in spite of puking a lot.
Eric "EP" Persaud 5:58 9-Dec-2012 New York, NY
121 Beer Mile Fun Run
Eric Piazza 12:24.4 15-Oct-2015 New York, NY, United States
2015 Octo-Beer-Fast (Men's Heat)
From Can Budweiser
Eric "Quads" Quads 8:52 24-Sep-2016 Victoria, BC, Canada
Victorinoba Beermile 1
24 Coors Banquet Big PB, outdressed the competition
Eric Radvany 15:00 26-Jun-2014 Seattle, WA
Inaugural Greenlake Beer Mile
22 From Can Budweiser
Eric Raffini 9:28 21-Mar-2009 San Francisco, CA
3rd Annual WVTC Winter Classic
From Can Budweiser
Eric Raffini 11:30 14-Aug-2010 San Francisco, CA
5th Annual WVTC Summer Classic
From Can Budweiser Penalty Lap
Marc-Antoine "The not thirsty cow" Ricard 22:50 17-Sep-2011 Sherbrooke, PQ
Initiation Cross-country Vert et Or 2011
From Can Budweiser Thought he could win
Robbie Riccardi 12:47 1-Oct-2016 Johannesburg South Africa
Will run for Beer
Stephane Richard 7:38 8-Aug-2014 Belleisle, NB
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser
Eric Rotgans 10:10 22-Dec-2009 Victoria, BC
6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
54 From Can Islander
Erica Saayman 15:51 2-Dec-2019 South Africa
Centurion BeerMile 2019
56 From Bottle Catle Lite 4%
Eric "Zootsuit Riot" Seigmann 11:25 19-Dec-2009 Chicago, IL
Whose Idea Was This Beer Mile
34 From Can Budweiser
Eric "Eric" Serrano 22:01.97 13-Dec-2013 Pozorrubio, Philippines
1st PRC (Pozorrubio Runner's Club) Beer Mile Run
From Can Red Horse
Eric Stanwood 11:17 28-May-2016 Mullica Hill, NJ, United States
'Merican Beer Mile
34 Bud Light Platinum
Eric Stanwood 12:34 14-Feb-2016 Clarksboro, NJ, United States
Lover's Beer Mile
34 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum Clearly his mind was set on drinking fast!
Eric "BeerMeister" Sullivan 8:46 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
47 From Can Great Raft
Eric "sensai" Sullivan 9:13 10-Dec-2011 Shreveport, LA
Team Cyco Suds Mile 4
40 From Can miller mad dash for the win
Eric "BeerMeister" Sullivan 10:00 19-Dec-2015 Shreveport, LA, United States
Team Cyco Suds Mile 7
49 The Prez shows out
Eric "El Presidente" Sullivan 10:26 21-Dec-2019 Shreveport, LA
Team Cyco Suds Mile 10
51 From Can Miller High Life I'm only doing this for the beer
Eric "El Presidente" Sullivan 11:01 15-Dec-2018 Shreveport, LA
Team Cyco Suds Mile 9
50 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum Professional beer drinker. Amateur beer miler
Eric Supan 8:58 19-Dec-2019 New Orleans, LA
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2019
36 From Can Urban South Who Dat heat 2
Eric Supan 9:32 10-Jan-2019 New Orleans, LA
NOLA Black & Gold Beer Mile 2019
35 From Can NOLA Greenwave
Eric Swager 7:48.9 14-Nov-2015 Flatrock Speedway, Carlton, MI
2015 Michigan Beer Mile, Open Heat
Eric Tangedahl 14:13 8-Aug-2019 Missoula, MT
2nd Annual onX Beer Mile
From Can Coors
Eric Taylor 8:31.34 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Open Heat 2
Eric "The cutest bugger in the world" Thatcher 9:15 23-Aug-2014 Winnipeg, MB
2014 Manitoba Summer Beermile
Eric Thomassin 14:09 16-Aug-2018 Vieux-Limoilou, La Cité-Limoilou, Québec, QC, Canada
Limoilou Beer Mile 2018
44 From Can Budweiser
Eric Thomassin 19:26 6-Sep-2019 Vieux-Limoilou
Limoilou Beer Mile 2019
Eric "Tricky E" Tranquada 19:13 25-Jun-2006 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Summer Beermile
*with penalty lap
Eric "Tricky-E" Tranquada 22:46 15-Mar-2008 Winnipeg, MB
2008 Manitoba Winter Beermile
From Can Lucky
Eric Van der Meer 7:16.5 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg Eric was in open heat, but measured
Eric Van Der Meer 8:54 4-Jul-2020 San Francisco, cA
2020 Beer Mile World Classic (Men's)
Eric "The Bulldozer" Walker 18:07 13-Jan-2007 Lakeland, Florida
The XXX Beer Mile
21 From Can Budweiser So close to throwing up but stayed in for his girlfriend
Eric "Bulldog" Walker 18:07 13-Jan-2007 Lakeland, Fl
The XXX Beer Mile
21 From Can Budweiser So close to throwing up but stayed in for his girlfriend
Eric Williamson 24:06 23-Jul-2016 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Eric Williamson 28:08 13-Jan-2018 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Eric "Z-man" Zander 24:41 19-Jul-2003 Vienna, VA
SLR Summer BBQ Beer Mile
Mickeys Big Mouth