Forrest Knowland

Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #193
Official State of Idaho Performance #1
Official 2005 Performance #4
Official Performance Drinking Miller Genuine Draft #1

3 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Forrest "GO FORREST" Braden 5:56 24-Sep-2005 Boise, ID
Boise Beer Mile
22 From Can Miller Genuine Draft Wore the bib number from USA Nationals
Sophie Forrestell 26:39 7-Nov-2009 Fredericton, NB
Extra Lap, Rookie, Had surrogate drinkers
Forrest "Demon Semen" Knowland 10:09 3-Dec-2015 San Leandro, CA, United States
The Great San Leandro Beer Mile Race
25 From Can bud heavy Beast