Gregory Lariviere

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Molson Canadian #11
Official Performance Drinking Amsterdam Blonde #18
Official Performance Drinking AmsterdamBlonde #1

6 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Gregory "'The Stache'" Lariviere 7:10 27-Jun-2014 DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA
Dundas Beer Mile II
From Can Budweiser Liked the post-race better this year with his M & D away on vacation.
Gregory "The Stach" Lariviere 7:11 14-Jun-2013 DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA
Dundas Ontario Beer Mile!
From Can Molson Canadian Prefontaine-Powered
Gregory "The Stache" Lariviere 7:13 20-Jun-2015 Dundas, ON, Canada
Dundas Beer Mile III; The Trilogy
23 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde 3-Peat Champion. Dynasty in the making.
Gregory "The 'Stache Is Back" Lariviere 7:56 29-Dec-2016 Dundas, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Lariviere Family Beer Mile 2016
24 From Bottle AmsterdamBlonde Successfully defended his title
Gregory Lariviere 8:10 28-Dec-2014 Dundas, ON, Canada
Lariviere Family Beer Mile 2014
22 From Can Molson Canadian
Gregory "'stache" Lariviere 8:28 27-Dec-2015 Canmore, AB, Canada
Lariviere Family Beer Mile 2015
23 From Can Budweiser came from behind to make his dad proud