Hamish Baylis

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Hahn Extra Dry #1
Official Performance Drinking Dry Dock #1
Official Performance Drinking Little Creatures #1

12 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Hamish Baylis 6:44 13-May-2017 Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
Brooks International Beer Mile
From Bottle Budweiser
Hamish Beaumont 7:46 21-Sep-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Parkville Beer Mile
Hamish "Hamster" Beaumont 8:08 15-Sep-2012 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2012 Parkville Beer Mile
From Bottle Dry Dock
Hamish "Big Fella" Beaumont 8:20 23-Sep-2006 Melbourne, Australia
Inaugural Melbourne University Beermile
From Bottle Hahn Extra Dry 345ml, 5%. Only competitor not to take a penalty lap
Hamish "Hamster" Beaumont 8:50 27-Apr-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Autumn Classic
Hamish Beaumont 10:46 3-May-2014 Tin Alley, Parkville, Victoria, Australia
2014 Parkville Beer Milers Autumn Classic
Hamish Beaumont 21:10 21-Apr-2012 Melbourne, Australia
2012 Autumn Classic Beer Mile
Hamish Cropper 6:40 20-Aug-2016 Regent's Park, London, United Kingdom
The Cropduster Beer Mile
From Bottle Modelo
Hamish Livingstone 7:11 15-Dec-2018 Singapore, MOE Evans Road Track
Singapore Beer Mile 2018
From Bottle Little Creatures Great Debuts
Hamish McDonald 12:25 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
Beer Mile World Classic: Sub-Elite Race
From Can Carlsberg 330ml
Hamish Miller 9:03 1-Aug-2020 Tauranga Domain
2020 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
From Bottle Budweiser Neil Armstong couldn't handle the G forses and spewed
Hamish Paterson 15:40 26-Nov-2017 Newtown Park - Wellington Zoo, Wellington, New Zealand
FCAC Beer Mile Episode 2: Farewell Newtown Park
29 From Bottle Sapporo