Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of Saskatchewan, Canada Performance #16
Official State of Louisiana Performance #49
Official Performance Drinking Abita Amber #9
Official Performance Drinking Keystone Ice #9
Official Performance Drinking Newcastle Brown #2 #5
Official Performance Drinking Mama's Little Yella Pils #5

12 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Jace 24:05 18-Apr-2009 Houghton, MI
MTU Beer Mile
20 From Can Keystone Ice
Jace Gohres 7:45.4 18-Dec-2012 New Orleans, LA
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2012
28 From Can Newcastle Brown
Jace Gohres 7:59 4-Jan-2005 New Orleans, LA
ABITA New Orleans Winter 2005 Beer Mile
From Bottle Abita Amber
Jace Gohres 8:00 23-Aug-2018 New Orleans, LA, USA
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2018
33 From Can Budweiser heat 1
Jace Gohres 8:24 21-Dec-2010 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Holiday Beer Mile
Jace Gohres 10:43 20-Aug-2013 New Orleans, LA
NOLA Summer Beer Mile
From Can Newcastle Brown Heat 5
Jace Gohres 12:10 15-Dec-2015 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2015
31 From Can NOLA Blonde Ale Heat 3
Jace Gohres 13:03 30-May-2010 New Orleans, LA
Memorial Day Beer Mile
26 From Can Miller High Life
Jace Gohres 13:50 23-Jun-2016 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2016
31 From Can Mama's Little Yella Pils Heat 1
Jace Gohres 13:59 4-Aug-2015 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2015
30 Heat 2
Trevor Jacek 8:28 12-Jul-2020 Saskatoon, SK
Saskatoon Strava Runners 2020 Beer Mile
38 From Can Budweiser
Jacek Karczewski 21:00 26-Oct-2019 Pub Stara Kuźnia, ul. Drawska 24, 02-202 Warszawa, Poland
Beermile Szczęśliwice 2019
From Bottle Heineken 5% 0.33l