James Hansen

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Boags premium #1

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Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
James Hansen 4:54.3 4-May-2013 St. Leonards, Australia
World record homecoming celebration
From Bottle coopers 62 Fastest ever time, took down the WR holder.. unfortunately too much spillage to be official
James "Jimbo" Hansen 4:56 2-Apr-2015 Launceston, Australia
World Record Beermie
21 From Bottle Coopers 62 WR
James "Sanchez" Hansen 5:24.5 6-Apr-2012 Bridport, Tasmania
2012 Tasmanian beer/chocolate milk mile championships
18 From Bottle Corona 5.24 unoffical aus record and one of the fastest ever
James "Sanchez" Hansen 7:04 20-Apr-2012 St. Leonards, Australia
Australian Beer Mile showdown
18 From Bottle Boags premium WR with penalty lap 5%
James "Greg Sanchez" Hansen 9:33 23-Apr-2011 Bridport, Tasmania
3rd annual Bridport Beer Mile
17 From Bottle Pure Blonde PB, next years world champ
James Hansen 10:19 3-Apr-2010 Bridport, Tasmania
Bridport Easter Beer Mile
16 From Bottle mixed drank cruiser lap 4. promising athlete