Jason K

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Pennsylvania Performance #31
Official Performance Drinking Miller Genuine Draft #17
Official Performance Drinking Coors Banquet #26
Official Performance Drinking Coors Original #5
Official Performance Drinking Keith's #6

25 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Jason Clark 16:00 3-Feb-2008 Santa Rosa, CA
1st Annual Sonoma County Beer Mile
30 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon puked Dring
Jason Bekolay 11:52 25-Aug-2012 Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Summer Beermile 2012
From Can Keith's
Jason "White Chocolate" Buck 11:13 9-May-2013 Salerno, Afghanistan
The Salerno Beermile
31 From Bottle O'Doul's SGT - Brooksville, FL
Jason "'JayRunningWithBeerBelly'" Clarke 11:29 27-Jun-2014 DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA
Dundas Beer Mile II
Well-planned gamesmanship at start helps him kick SOB ass.
Jason "Dez" DeZwirek 18:25 27-Aug-2010 Lake of Bays, ON, Canada
Boys Weekend Beer Mile
39 From Can Budweiser
Jason "Slim" Drucker DNF 3-May-2008 Cedar Falls, IA
1st Annual Somebody's Bachelor Party Beer Mile
25 State Qualifier, 65sec 400 split, then dropped out, unsubstantiated reports of cowboy boots for footwear
Jason "Elk" Elk 17:59 8-Sep-2018 Clarendon Hills, IL, USA
2019 Clarendon Hills Karetas Beer Mile
42 From Can Miller 64 Co-Champ- Dark Photo Finish
Jason Henkins 7:50.7 22-Nov-2011 Platteville, WI
4th Annual UWP Chocolate Milk MIle
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Jason "Tinkle" Hinkle 8:09 24-Apr-2005 Shippensburg, PA
Dego Invitational
19 From Can Miller Genuine Draft Does not normally drink
King Jason 11:47 10-Aug-2004 Bay Village, OH
Bay Village Rockets Rumble
From Can Natural Ice Penalty Lap
Wesolowski "Weso" Jason 6:01 1-Dec-2007 Stevens Point, WI
UWSP Turkey Bowl Beer Mile
Jason K 12:43 21-Sep-2013 Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University
2013 Parkville Beer Mile
Jason Karavidas 9:48 30-Dec-2015 Encinitas, CA, United States
Encinitas Holiday Beer Mile p/b Wattie Ink
30 From Can Coors Original
Jason Karbelk 8:49 13-Mar-2015 San Francisco, CA
WVTC Winter Classic 2015
From Can Budweiser
Jason "Rookie" Karbelk 10:34 17-Aug-2011 San Francisco, CA
6th Annual WVTC Summer Classic
Penalty Lap
Jason Karbelk 10:41 1-Sep-2012 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA
West Valley Winter Classic
Jason Kerry 13:52 1-Aug-2014 Gulf Breeze, FL
Da 6th Annual Fat Crab Beer Mile
From Bottle Pabst Blue Ribbon
Jason MacKenzie 6:47 20-Aug-2016 Belleisle Creek, NB, Canada
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
25 From Can Budweiser
Jason Mackenzie 7:08 8-Aug-2014 Belleisle, NB
ASEA vs SJTC Championships Beer Mile
24 From Can Canadian
Jason Mahakian 13:49 11-Nov-2017 West Bloomfield Township, MI, United States
West Bloomfield Beer Mile 2017
28 From Can Coors Woodward T.C.
Jason McCormick 11:22 8-Dec-2012 Vancouver, BC
Second Annual Peter Holmes Beer Mile
From Can Cariboo (5%) Last minute entry.
Jason Wedlake 10:30 2-Apr-2003 London, ON
The First Annual Western Spring Beer Mile - Men
20 From Can Old Milwaukee I Tried Hard
Jason "Wolfman" Wocks 8:23 23-Jun-2017 DUNDAS
HDRC Dundas Beer Mile V; The Quint-Essential Mile
37 From Can Coors Banquet Senior man in the extended weekend competition, but puts V18 & Palmer on notice.
Jason York 12:40 29-Oct-2006 Peterborough, ON
Post OUA Trent Beer Mile
22 From Can Unknown no pukeage
Jason Yorke 12:58 26-Nov-2005 Lindsay, On
2005 Lindsay Beer Mile
20 From Can labatt 50