Jim O

Notable Beer Miling Performances

All-time Official World Record Performance #40 #63 #65 #68 #70 #77 #100 #106 #110 #134 #137 #163 #186 #198 #253
All-time Official Male Performance #37
Official Masters (30+) Performance #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #10 #11 #12 #16 #21
Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #3 #6 #7 #10 #11 #13 #17 #19 #24
Official State of Arizona Performance #28 #29
Official State of California Performance #16
Official State of Massachusetts Performance #45
Official State of Texas Performance #11 #17
Official Super Masters (40+) Performance #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #9 #11 #15
Official 2006 Performance #1
Official 2007 Performance #1
Official Performance Drinking Abita Amber #26
Official Performance Drinking Amsterdam Blonde #8
Official Performance Drinking Tiger #6
Official Performance Drinking Sleeman #2 #3
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island Winter Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Phillips Blue Buck #1
Official Performance Drinking Phillips Slipstream Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Bud Light Platinum/Hops & Grain Beer Mile Brew #1
Official Performance Drinking Keepers Stout #1
Official Performance Drinking Sleeman's #1
Official Performance Drinking Sleeman Honey Brown Lager #1
Official Performance Drinking Phillips Pilsner #1
Official Performance Drinking Amderstam Blonde #1
Official Performance Drinking JL Classic #1
Official Performance Drinking Old Plowshare Stout #1

44 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Jimbo 27:08 12-Dec-2020 Tampa
2020 Tampa Beer Mile cAnarchy (10th Annual)
From Can 4 Random Ones
Jim Coniglio 11:07 15-Sep-2011 New York, NY
Dashing Whippets Beer Mile Invitational
Jim Coniglio 14:27.1 27-Sep-2012 New York, NY
Dashing Whippets Beer Mile
35 From Can Budweiser First q=1:32. With penalty lap
Jimmy Crackwhore 24:55 8-Feb-2008 Tufts track, Somerville, MA
Cumbridge Hash #6.9: Winter Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon Ran a penalty lap
Jim "J-Skrillz" DiGloria 13:40.47 17-Apr-2016 Northern Essex Community College's Athletic Track, Haverhill, MA, United States
Pre-Marathon Patriots Day Beer Mile
23 From Can Budweiser
Jim Finlayson 5:01.24 26-Sep-2015 Victoria, BC, Canada
Jim Finlayson Beermile Raw
From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde
Jim Finlayson 5:07 5-Sep-2015 Victoria, BC, Canada
Finlayson Time Trial 2015
43 From Bottle Amderstam Blonde
Jim "Gastic Ghost" Finlayson 5:07.66 31-Jul-2016 London, England, United Kingdom
Beer Mile World Classic Men's Section 2
43 Canada
Jim Finlayson 5:08 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Men's Elite
Jim Finlayson 5:09 18-Dec-2007 Victoria, BC
4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
32 From Bottle Granville Island Winter Ale
Jim "Gastric Ghost" Finlayson 5:11.27 12-Aug-2017 Allianz Park, London England
Beer Mile World Classic: 2017 Men
44 From Bottle Sleeman's CAN: Legend
Jim Finlayson 5:13 20-Dec-2005 Victoria, BC
2nd Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
From Bottle Guinness
Jim "Gastic Ghost" Finlayson 5:16.7 21-Aug-2015 Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, USA
Beer Mile World Classic Men 2015
42 From Bottle Sleeman CAN
Jim "Gastric Ghost" Finlayson 5:18.9 11-Aug-2018 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Beer Mile World Classic 2018
From Bottle Sleeman CAN
Jim Finlayson 5:20 19-Dec-2006 Victoria, BC
Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile
31 From Can Keepers Stout
Jim Finlayson 5:21.4 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Men's Elite
42 Bud Light Platinum/Hops & Grain Beer Mile Brew
Jim Finlayson 5:28 19-Dec-2018 Victoria, BC, Canada
ESPRIT RC Beer Mile - 4th Annual
46 From Bottle Sleeman Honey Brown Lager
Jim "CAN" Finlayson 5:29 4-Jul-2020 San Francisco, cA
2020 Beer Mile World Classic (Men's)
CAN 40+ WInner
Jim Finlayson 5:39 18-Dec-2019 Victoria, BC, Canada
ESPRIT RC Beer Mile - 5th Annual
47 From Bottle Phillips Pilsner
Jim "1.5" Finlayson 5:43.2 3-Aug-2019 Berlin Germany
2019 Beer Mile World Classic
From Bottle Sleeman Canada
Jim Finlayson 5:46 23-Dec-2015 Oak Bay Recreation Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada
Wednesday Evening pre-Christmas Derby
40 From Bottle Phillips Blue Buck
Jim Finlayson 5:57 20-Dec-2017 Victoria, BC, Canada
ESPRIT RC Beer Mile - 3rd Annual
45 From Bottle Phillips Slipstream Ale *He was taking it easy so as to not embarrass his students :)
Jim "Spikeman" Fullarton 10:15 8-Nov-2008 Peterborough, ON
Peterborough Beer Mile Fall 2008
43 From Can Canadian Penalty Lap
Jim Gough 24:13 25-Jun-1997 Sudbury, ON
Northern Ontario Beer Mile
Jim Helton 9:25 12-Sep-2003 Vancouver, BC
5th Annual Gemini Beer Mile
JL Classic
Jimmy Holub 13:44 9-Sep-2007 Tempe, AZ
Tempe Arizona Beer Mile
31 From Bottle Old Plowshare Stout State Age Group Record
Jim "Retired" Hoyles 12:21 2-Aug-2010 Cambridge Ontario
1st Annual Cambridge Beermile
From Can Budweiser
Jim Jackson 13:39 9-Sep-2007 Tempe, AZ
Tempe Arizona Beer Mile
44 From Can Coors
Thomas "Hitman" Jimenez 17:15 26-Dec-2008 Downey, CA
1st Annual Day After Christmas Beer Mile
From Can Bud Light Only One That Didnt Throw Up
Jim Milito 12:16 18-Dec-2004 Morris County, NJ
2nd Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
32 From Can Coors
Yuji Mohori 9:10 15-Dec-2018 Singapore, MOE Evans Road Track
Singapore Beer Mile 2018
From Can Tiger
Jim O 9:10 26-Sep-2015 Astoria, Queens, NY, United States
Volley Llama Beer Mile Open
Jim "HungLikeAMouse" O'Hare 12:43 1-Jan-2017 San Diego, CA, United States
CA Larrikins Hash 5th Annual New Years Day Beermile
52 From Can Miller High Life
Jim "Poison Penis" Peterson DNF 31-Oct-2004 Spring Lake, NC
Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers Beer Mile and #1100 trail
33 From Can Milwaukee's Best Ice only did 3 laps (marine wuss)
Jim "All Head No Shaft" Robertson 16:19.32 10-Nov-2007 Houston, TX
2007 Fall Houston Hash Beer Mile
38 From Can Miller High Life
Jim "All Head No Shaft" Robertson 16:24.9 6-Aug-2010 Houston, TX
2010 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
41 From Can Miller High Life
Jim "All Head No Shaft" Robertson 20:03.43 14-Jul-2006 Houston, TX
2006 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
37 From Can Miller High Life
Jim "All Head No Shaft" Robertson 21:52.88 5-Nov-2005 Houston, TX
2005 Fall Houston Hash Beer Mile
36 From Can Miller High Life Penalty Lap - vomit
Jim "All Head No Shaft" Robertson 21:57.7 18-Jul-2009 Houston, TX
2009 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
40 From Can Miller High Life
Jim Schroeder 7:58 5-Aug-2015 Sandwich, MA
Cape Cod Invitational 2015
47 From Can Budweiser slowed down by foamy beer
Jim Sponaugle 6:57 28-Jul-2011 Lancaster, PA
F and M beer mile
From Can Coors regular drank 2 more at the end
Jim Uschold 10:30 4-Jan-2005 New Orleans, LA
ABITA New Orleans Winter 2005 Beer Mile
From Bottle Abita Amber
Jim Uschold 13:50 1-Jun-2004 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Spring Beer Mile
Jim Woods 24:48 28-Nov-2019 Palos Heights, IL
McWoods Turkey Beer Mile
From Can Miller High Life +1