Jo Shott

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Florida Performance #38

10 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Jo "u Been Girled" Shott 7:37 29-May-2010 Jacksonville, FL
6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
30 From Can coors she lost her crown but still brought a steller 40 sec PR performance
Jo "U been Girled" Shott 8:17 23-May-2009 Jacksonville, FL
5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
29 From Can Coors She came to get down
Jo "U got Girled" Shott 8:18 22-Nov-2009 Jacksonville, FL
End of XC season beermile
30 From Can Coors Top women, not far off her state and track record
Jo "U got Girled" Shott 8:21 1-Dec-2007 Jacksonville, FL
FL Beermile Championships
28 From Can Coors 2 sec off State record
Jo "You Got Girled" Shott 8:22 22-Nov-2008 Orlando, FL
Greater Orlando Metro Beer Mile
29 From Can Coors
Jo "The Truth" Shott 8:33 26-May-2007 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 3rd Annual
27 From Can Budweiser she's the queen, a vision of perfection, an object of affection
Jo "The Truth" Shott 8:44 24-May-2008 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 4th Annual
28 From Can Coors Fell short of SR, but beat a deep female field
Jo "The Truth" Shott 9:17 19-May-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott Memorial
26 From Can Budweiser the crowd favorite did not disappoint
Jo "I beat my Husband" Shott 9:49.6 31-Dec-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Jville New Year Beer Mile
27 From Can Coors Was on state record pace. Held strong for the win
Jo "The Truth" Shott 12:15 29-Jul-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Cap'n Pic's Hoo-ahh Challenge
26 Coors she was not in her 9 minute form tonight