John W

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Province of British Colombia, Canada Performance #38
Official Province of Nova Scotia, Canada Performance #31
Official State of Maine Performance #41
Official State of Virginia Performance #29
Official 2000 Performance #7
Official Performance Drinking Milwaukee's Best Ice #6
Official Performance Drinking Lucky Lager #15
Official Performance Drinking Granville Island Pale Ale #7
Official Performance Drinking Mickeys Big Mouth #2
Official Performance Drinking Grolsch #1
Official Performance Drinking Notch #1

42 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
John "Haile" Alewine 7:15 8-Aug-2002 Fayetteville, AR
University of Arkansas Chocolate Milk Mile
20 From Cup Chocolate Milk also under old WR
Johnny Awesome 27:48 22-Jun-2014 Ypao Road, Tamuning, Guam
Guam Beer Mile- 3rd Annual Summer Classic
John Bowden 25:06 8-Aug-1998 Kingston, ON
Kingston Classic X
John Browne 10:09 6-Aug-2011 Nanaimo, BC
4th Annual Nanaimo Beermile
60 From Can Lucky Lager
Johnathan Browne 19:49 26-May-2018 Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Purely Pretoria Beer Mile & Night Market May 2018
From Cup Hazeldean Brewing, Legends Brewery, Bernies Brewery, Leaky Tap Brewery
John Charlesworth 10:05 19-Dec-1998 Victoria, BC
2nd Annual Island Road Racers Christmas
Andrew Johnson 6:40.39 22-Nov-2009 Terre Haute, Indiana
2009 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Matthew Johnson 19:59 18-Jun-2016 Shreveport, LA, United States
Great Raft Lager Jogger
26 From Can Great Raft
John Lawless 3:10 23-May-2014 San Luis Obispo, CA
SLO Runners 4x40 World Record Crew
21 From Bottle Old English 1st leg
John "J-Law" Lawrence 8:50 30-Nov-2010 Andover, MA
The Core Four Invitational
20 From Can Busch Light
John Lawrence 14:45 17-Mar-2010 North Andover, MA
The JV Race
19 From Can Keystone Light
John Loewen 6:09 20-Dec-2005 Victoria, BC
2nd Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
John Nowinski 9:46 27-May-2005 Northfield, MN
2005 Carleton Chug-a-Lug Mile
From Can Milwaukee' Special Reserve Light
John Sedgewick 24:36 17-May-2015 Bome, Equatorial Guinea
Bome Beer Mile
From Bottle Heineken Scottish
John Shaw 11:37 24-Oct-2020 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John and Codey's Beer Mile
From Can Lake Shore Fog
John Siewertsen 8:57 20-Dec-2005 Victoria, BC
2nd Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
John Streblow 16:01 14-May-2003 Whitewater, WI
2nd Bi-Annual Whitewater Beer Mile
21 From Can Milwaukee's Best Ice *Puked
John Swenson 9:24 28-Sep-2012 Redmond, WA
Northwest Oval Beer Challenge
54 From Can Coors Oldest, tallest
John W 8:06 18-Jan-2015 Nottingham, United Kingdom
From Can heineken
John Wahl 5:39 23-Jul-2017 Cranston, RI, United States
Chocolate Milk Mile
18 From Cup Chocolate Milk
John Walker 8:43 13-Jun-2009 Vancouver, BC
J Mac Beer 1000
From Can Big Rock Collection
John Waller 12:07 29-Oct-2016 McDonald Field, Topeka, KS, United States
6th Annual Topeka Beer Mile Championships
33 From Can Life Coach Lager Suck It Up!
John Walrath 20:31 27-Oct-2013 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Halloween Beer Mile
From Can Coors
John Walrath 27:20 1-Sep-2013 Pullman, WA
Beer Chasers Summer Beer Mile
From Bottle Redd's Apple Ale
John Walz 13:12 3-Oct-2008 Columbia, MO
First Annual Missouri Beer Mile
John "not-webguy" Warden 9:51 19-Jul-2003 Vienna, VA
SLR Summer BBQ Beer Mile
Mickeys Big Mouth
John Warrington 9:59 8-Aug-2002 Victoria, BC
Lambert/Brown Wedding Invitational Beer Mile
38 From Can Granville Island Pale Ale couples time with Claire Warrington: 22:45
John Welsh 6:25 25-Jul-2009 San Francisco, CA
4th Annual WVTC Summer Classic
From Can Budweiser
John Welsh 6:28 17-Aug-2011 San Francisco, CA
6th Annual WVTC Summer Classic
John Welsh 6:52 14-Aug-2010 San Francisco, CA
5th Annual WVTC Summer Classic
From Can Budweiser
John "every word in the dictionary" Wenhold 9:00 9-May-2004 Corpus Christi, TX
The 1st Chocolate Milk 4x1 Mile relay
17 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden This guy is crazy. Watch out for him. Funn-ass throw up at the end.
John White 7:52 24-Oct-2009 Calgary, AB
Calgary Beer Mile October 24, 2009
John White 9:04 11-Aug-2001 Edmonton, AB
2001 World Beer Mile Championships
Great Britain
John Wiberg 7:34 25-Oct-2008 Chicago, IL
Go Home Gary Beer Mile
From Can Bud Light
John Wiberg 7:50 1-Nov-2014 Chicago, IL
7th Annual Well-Fit Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser Pat Jones kept the beer too cold.
John Wichers 10:08 9-Aug-2015 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
8th Annual FFKicbmc
47 From Can Notch 1st timer, penalty lap, he's fast but needs to learn how to keep the beer in
John "bib 145" Wightman 36:36 2-Sep-2018 Stansbury Park, UT, USA
Stansbury Streakers 2018 Beer Mile
41 From Bottle Grolsch first timer=last place male
john "newcastle" williams 14:21 25-Nov-2003 Brookings, SD
south dakota beer mile champs
20 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
john "newcastle" williams 14:40 1-Jan-2003
south dakota state university beer mile champs
20 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
John [Unknown] 6:29 19-Dec-2000 Victoria, BC
Island Road Racers Christmas Beer Mile
John [Unknown] 9:59 15-Nov-1997 Kingston, ON
2nd Annual Kingston Fall Beer Mile
John [Unknown] 28:53 25-Sep-1998 Sackville, NS
3rd Annual Halifax Beer Mile