Jordan H

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking PBR #30
Official Performance Drinking Brooklyn Lager #13
Official Performance Drinking Pure Blonde #21
Official Performance Drinking carlton draught #24
Official Performance Drinking Milwaukee's Best Ice #8
Official Performance Drinking Dr. Tims Traditional Ale #8
Official Performance Drinking Goose Island IPA #4
Official Performance Drinking NB Heavy Melon #1
Official Performance Drinking Bold Rock IPA #1

22 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Jordan Chenot 13:55 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 2
From Can Slingshot
Jordan H 19:22 7-May-2016 Oxfornia Ohio
Beer Mile, The Final Chapter
22 From Can Natural Light
Jordan Haller 9:46.06 7-Mar-2015 Atlanta, GA
St. Practice Day Beer Mile
Miller High Life
Jordan Haller 10:52 23-Jun-2016 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Summer Beer Mile 2016
34 From Can NB Heavy Melon Heat 2
Jordan Haller 11:06 15-Dec-2015 New Orleans, LA, United States
NOLA Holiday Beer Mile 2015
33 From Can Southern Drawl Heat 1
Jordan "Just Jordan" Harris 10:19 21-Mar-2009 Charlotte, NC
3rd Charlotte Beer Mile
Jordan "Tractor" Harvey 13:14 25-Apr-2009 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
4th South Australian Beer Mile Championships
24 From Can Pure Blonde
Jordan Hogan 6:47 1-Aug-2009 Fort Wayne, IN
6th Annual
21 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Jordan "Julian Casablancas" Hogan 7:03 29-Jul-2007 Fort Wayne, IN
4th Semi-annual Bishop Dwenger Chocolate Milk Mile
19 From Cup chocolate milk
Jordan "Dragon" Holtzman 12:15 14-May-2013 New Orleans, LA
Impromptu Tchoupitoulas Barathon Practice
23 From Can Budweiser Dragon was in full force on beer 3, should have been in girl's heat
Jordan "John Dover" Hoort 16:36 27-Apr-2004 Cleveland, OH
From Can Milwaukee's Best Ice
Jordan Hurdal 9:53 19-Dec-2013 North Vancouver, Canada
First Annual Mayer Tribute
From Can Granville Island Pale ale
Jordan Hurdal 12:50 8-Aug-2015 Burnaby BC
6th Annual North Burnaby Beer Miler
Jordan Hurdle DNF 18-Aug-2012 North Burnaby, BC, Canada
3rd Annual North Burnaby Beer Miler
Refused penalty lap, DQ
Jordan Hurt 30:12 15-Jul-2017 Chester, VA
Chester Summer Beer Mile Classic
Molson Canadian
Jordan Hurt 34:50 13-Jan-2018 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Bottle Bold Rock IPA
Jordan "Beast fron the East" Laughlin 25:08 23-Aug-2018 Missoula, MT, USA
1st Annual onX Beer Mile
From Can Coors Banquet
Jordan "Gerald" Massey-Harvey 13:42 25-Apr-2007 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
2nd Annual South Australian Beer Mile Championships
23 From Bottle Carlton Draught Jords stepped up in 07, after drinking only lights in 06. Does this mean you are a real man now? I think not. Perhaps once there are a few more hairs on your legs?!
Jordan "Jords" Massy-Harvey 16:28 25-Apr-2006 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
The South Australian Beer Mile Championships
22 From Can Dr. Tims Traditional Ale Hmmm, probably should be disqualified!
Jordan Thompson 10:04 24-Aug-2018 Calgary
YYC Beer Mile 2018 Invitational
From Can PBR
Jordan Woodthorpe 8:19 28-Jul-2016 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Sheffield Beer Mile
37 From Bottle Brooklyn Lager
Jordan Woodthorpe 8:43 21-Jul-2017 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Steel City Beer Mile
From Bottle Goose Island IPA