Josh T

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Florida Performance #38
Official State of Kentucky Performance #19 #29 #31 #34 #39 #48
Official State of Minnesota Performance #47
Official State of South Dakota Performance #5
Official 2003 Performance #5
Official Performance Drinking Keiths #2
Official Performance Drinking Stroh's #29
Official Performance Drinking Premo #8
Official Performance Drinking Summer Honey #4
Official Performance Drinking Steeler #1

52 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Josh "Already Regretting This" Bartz 12:50 23-Aug-2018 Missoula, MT, USA
1st Annual onX Beer Mile
From Can Summer Honey
Josh "8 Belles" Carter 11:37 29-Jul-2008 Louisville, KY
Beer Mile #8
23 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
Josh "Don't Puke on me" Carter 12:25 12-Aug-2005 Louisville, KY
Beer or Soda Mile
20 From Can Budweiser
Josh "Captain Twirl" Carter 14:08 16-Aug-2006 Louisville, KY
Louisville Beer Mile #4
21 From Can Budweiser Puked after he finished
Josh "the Measurer" Carter 16:24 26-May-2006 Louisville, KY
Louisville Beer/Soda Mile #3 -- 2006
21 From Can Budweiser Actually ran this time
Josh "Slow n Steady" Carter 19:13.33 10-Jun-2007 Louisville, KY
Beer Mile #7
22 From Can Budweiser No comment
Josh "Slacker" Carter 22:36 2-Jun-2007 Louisville, KY
Beer Mile #6
22 From Can Budweiser
Joshua Chilcote 11:51 1-Nov-2015 Grand Rapids, MI, United States
The Beer Mile (a charity event)
Josh "Wayner" Clouthier 5:24 14-Sep-2013 Victoria, BC
R.L. Memorial Beer Mile
22 From Bottle Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale Fourth ever beer mile, first beer mile in 2 years. Never lost a beer mile to this point. Brought time from 8-mins, to 7-mins, to 6:07, to 5:24 each year.
Joshua Froment 7:34.45 1-Dec-2015 Austin, TX, United States
FloTrack 2015 Championships, Open Heat 3
Josh Grotzinger 14:00 19-Jun-2012 Columbia, MO
Pat Hanson is going to Hotlanta Beer Mile
From Bottle Budweiser
Josh Guth 7:17 24-Nov-2009 Palos Heights, Illinois
Trinity Christian College 1st Annual Milk Mile
From Cup 2% Milk
Josh "Irongut" Hartman 12:51 13-Sep-2010 McLean, VA
Guys Night Out
43 From Can Heineken World record next time.
Josh Hilton DNF 12-Oct-2013 Defiance, OH
TheDefyProject, TDP annual
20 From Can bud light drank bud light and Budweiser
Josh Hinton 11:57.6 30-May-2009 Anchorage, AK
1st Annual Anchorage-Area Milk Mile
Josh "Iceman" Hite 8:13 17-Jul-2010 Nashville, TN
2010 Nashville Beer Mile
32 From Can Coors Overall Male Winner
Josh "Hell If I Know" Hite 8:37 25-Jun-2011 Nashville, TN
2011 Nashville Beer Mile
33 From Can Coors Overall male winner
Joshua Hurt 27:27 13-Jan-2018 Chester, VA, United States
Chester Winter Beer Mile Classic
From Can Miller Lite +Bud Light Platinum
Just "Josh" Josh 20:00 26-Aug-2012 Northboro, MA
Northboro H3 BEER MILE 2012
From Can Budweiser Northboro H3
Josh Kantor 10:45 9-May-2008 Fort Collins, CO
3rd Annual Fort Collins Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Josh "Klitripper Klaywater" Klawitter 7:33 16-May-2006 North Branch, MN
North Branch Mini Beer Run
21 From Can Miller High Life Strong Run taking home the win with a new PR
Josh "Clitripper" Klawitter 7:56 22-Nov-2005 Brookings, SD
3rd Annual South Dakota Beer Mile Championships
20 From Can Miller High Life Beat Former SD state record
josh "clitripper" klawitter 10:17 20-Nov-2004 Brookings, SD
2nd annual south dakota beer mile championships
20 From Can Miller Genuine Draft puked
Josh "Clitripper" Klawitter 10:29.94 18-May-2008 Brookings, SD
Spring 2008 South Dakota Beer Mile Championships
23 From Can Miller High Life getting worse every year
josh "king nuts" klawitter 12:17 25-Nov-2003 Brookings, SD
south dakota beer mile champs
19 From Can Miller High Life puked,penalty lap
Josh McCreight 20:45 27-Oct-2004 Ontario,Canada
1st Annual Tekcub Beer Mile
From Bottle Lucky
Josh McIntyre 6:51.11 1-Jan-2009 Huntington, IN
1st Annual MIB Milk Mile
17 From Cup white milk
Josh "JoshMo" Montgomery 10:50 2-Mar-2013 San Francisco, CA
Kezar Beer Mile - San Francisco, CA
32 From Can Coors Light
Josh "Monty" Montgomery 11:01 19-Jun-2015 Portland, OR
Portland Beer Mile (Monty's Bachelor Party)
34 From Can Coors Boom. #2 in the books
Josh Nestor 26:00 14-Feb-2016 Clarksboro, NJ, United States
Lover's Beer Mile
32 From Can Miller High Life Someone had to be last.
Josh Schwartz 17:24 16-Oct-2002 London, ON
The First Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Men
19 From Can Stroh's Hates Stroh's with a passion
josh "dirty sheets" sheets 13:36 9-May-2003 Morehead, KY
Morehead Mile
From Can Budweiser is still drunk
Josh Shelton 20:50 16-Sep-2017 Bristow, OK, USA
Bristow Backwoods Trail Beer Mile
32 From Can PBR
Jo "u Been Girled" Shott 7:37 29-May-2010 Jacksonville, FL
6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
30 From Can coors she lost her crown but still brought a steller 40 sec PR performance
Jo "U been Girled" Shott 8:17 23-May-2009 Jacksonville, FL
5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
29 From Can Coors She came to get down
Jo "U got Girled" Shott 8:18 22-Nov-2009 Jacksonville, FL
End of XC season beermile
30 From Can Coors Top women, not far off her state and track record
Jo "U got Girled" Shott 8:21 1-Dec-2007 Jacksonville, FL
FL Beermile Championships
28 From Can Coors 2 sec off State record
Jo "You Got Girled" Shott 8:22 22-Nov-2008 Orlando, FL
Greater Orlando Metro Beer Mile
29 From Can Coors
Jo "The Truth" Shott 8:33 26-May-2007 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 3rd Annual
27 From Can Budweiser she's the queen, a vision of perfection, an object of affection
Jo "The Truth" Shott 8:44 24-May-2008 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott 4th Annual
28 From Can Coors Fell short of SR, but beat a deep female field
Jo "The Truth" Shott 9:17 19-May-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Owen Shott Memorial
26 From Can Budweiser the crowd favorite did not disappoint
Jo "I beat my Husband" Shott 9:49.6 31-Dec-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Jville New Year Beer Mile
27 From Can Coors Was on state record pace. Held strong for the win
Jo "The Truth" Shott 12:15 29-Jul-2006 Jacksonville, FL
Cap'n Pic's Hoo-ahh Challenge
26 Coors she was not in her 9 minute form tonight
Josh "camel" Smith 6:39 6-Dec-2003 Windsor, ON
Windsor Fall Beer Mile '03
18 From Can Steeler record
Josh "camel" Smith 8:29 3-Apr-2004 Windsor, ON
Windsor Spring Beer Mile
18 From Can Steeler penalty lap
Josh "TriGeek" T 7:48 9-Jul-2011 Flagstaff, AZ
Drinking Club With A Triathlon Problem Beer Mile
28 From Can Budweiser
Josh "Hoshway" T 9:15 30-Oct-2010 Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff Tequila Sunrise Beer Mile
27 From Can Budweiser
Josh Tanner 11:08 30-Aug-2012 Vancouver, BC
Summer 2012 Vancouver Beer Mile
30 From Can Pilsner
Josh Tucker 11:22 4-Dec-2001 St. Peter, MN
8th Annual Gustavus Beer Mile
From Can Premo 1st timer
Josh Turan 6:36 17-Jul-2010 Knoxville, TN
210 East Tennessee Chocolate Milk mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Josh Wilhite 10:17 6-Sep-2015 Bend, OR
Labor Day Eve Beer Mile
From Can Coors Banquet
Josh Wilhite 11:17 5-Sep-2016 Bend, OR, United States
Labor Day Beer Mile
From Can Budweiser