Karen Kincaid

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Female Super Grand Hash Masters (40+) Performance #15
Official State of Arizona Performance #24
Official Performance Drinking Jupiler #7
Official Performance Drinking MAGNUM ICE CREAM #1
Official Performance Drinking Pirate Life Pale Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking Deschutes Black Butte Porter #1

24 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Karen "Care-Bear" 15:58 17-Mar-2012 Winnipeg, MB
2012 Manitoba Winter beermile
From Can Budweiser The After-party was alittle more than rough on her.
Karen Ann 12:02 20-Jul-2016 Ghent, Belgium
GoodLuck Beermile 2016
From Can Jupiler
Karen DuCharme 15:17 2-Nov-2008 Madison, WI
3rd Annual Halloween Beer Mile
From Bottle Duvel
Karen Garlick 21:54 11-Jul-2010 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
3rd annual FFKICBMC
48 From Bottle Heineken Fastest female Super Master of this race, improved last year's time by 7 minutes
Karen Gleeson 13:12 13-Jun-2007 Toronto, ON
2nd Annual West Toronto Classic
From Can Budweiser
Karen Kincaid 24:13 25-Apr-2020 Worldwide
Quarantine Classic Virtual Beer Mile
H3 Enemud
Karen L 14:54 14-May-2011 Saskatoon, SK
2011 Beerlympics Beer Mile
From Can Canadian Last minute entry to save a team from disqualification
Karen Leavitt 8:41 19-Dec-2018 Victoria, BC, Canada
ESPRIT RC Beer Mile - 4th Annual
Karen Leavitt 9:10 18-Dec-2019 Victoria, BC, Canada
ESPRIT RC Beer Mile - 5th Annual
47 From Bottle Deschutes Black Butte Porter
Karen "Bear" M DNF 6-Jun-2014 Winnipeg, MB
StacheBash Beermile
34 From Bottle Miller Genuine Draft one half of the Netherland twins
Karen Mickle 8:58.2 26-Jan-2020 George Knott Reserve, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
Aussie Beer Mile 2020
From Bottle Sapporo 1st female
Karen "Kaz" Mickle 9:28.9 26-Jan-2019 George Knott Reserve, Heidelberg Rd, Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia
Aussie Beer Mile
From Can Pirate Life Pale Ale 5.4%, 355ml
Karen Mickle 10:14 28-Oct-2016 Fawkner Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
2016 Fawkner Frothfest
35 Crown Lager
Karen Morris 11:45 1-Nov-2015 Grand Rapids, MI, United States
The Beer Mile (a charity event)
Karen "Special K" Perzyk 9:15 15-Nov-2015 West Bloomfield Township, MI, United States
West Bloomfield Beer Mile 2015 (Fall)
47 From Can Budweiser Female Winner!
Karen "Licker" Pixalu 24:43 17-Nov-2007 Seattle, WA
Seattle HHH First Beer Mile
36 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Karen Ramming 10:35 12-Aug-2017 Allianz Park, London England
Beer Mile World Classic; 2017 Women
Karen S. 13:18 22-Nov-2014 River Vale, NJ
PV Beer Mile
46 From Can Budweiser
Karen Scarduffa 12:05 28-Nov-2015 River Vale, NJ, United States
2nd PV Beer Mile
Karen Schwalm 17:08 1-Nov-2015 Grand Rapids, MI, United States
The Beer Mile (a charity event)
Karen Sonnelitter 10:37.5 27-Sep-2017 Clifton Park, NY
Shmaltz Brewing Beer Mile - Wave 1
From Can Slingshot
Karen Whiteford 12:21 10-Feb-2008 Tempe, AZ
Tempe Beer Mile Part Deux
43 From Can Miller Genuine Draft New State Female Age Goup
Karen Wiersma 11:25 26-Jan-2010 Brisbane, Australia
Queensland Beer Mile Championship 2010
42 MAGNUM ICE CREAM magnum mile
Karen Wigal 12:42 18-Jul-2009 Houston, TX
2009 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
24 From Can Miller High Life Chundered 3 times, Penalty lap