Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official Performance Drinking Rickards #1
Official Performance Drinking Jam Band Berry Ale #1
Official Performance Drinking College Street Big Blue Van #1

16 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Kristin 13:25 30-Jun-2012 Tampa, FL
2012 Tampa Beer Mile
From Can Miller High Life 7 minute PR from 2011
Kristin 21:30 1-Jan-2011 Tampa, Florida
2011 Tampa Beer Mile
Kristin Bernick 11:07 21-Jun-2005 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Summer Beer Mile
Kristin "I brought your shoes honey" Brink 9:41 22-Sep-2007 Berkeley, CA
3rd Annual Wallace Birthday Beermile
Would have been 2nd Female if not Ryan's time bonus
Kristin Brink 10:08 23-Sep-2006 Berkeley, CA
2nd Annual Birthday Beermile
From Can Miller Genuine Draft 1st place woman
Kristina "The Tutu Makes Me Faster" Ciari 16:49 21-Jun-2014 Seattle, WA
Summer Solstice Beer Mile
From Can Rainier PR, no rolling on the ground this time
Kristina "Dragon" Drago 31:45 5-Mar-2013 Flagler Beach
Spring Break Florida Beer Mile
21 From Bottle Miller High Life Rower
Kristin "Bullhorn" Duffy 11:28 22-Sep-2005 New York, NY
Wallace Birthday Beermile
From Can Budweiser
Kristina "Kit" Ingvarsson 9:22 29-Sep-2012 Guam
Guam Beer Mile Summer Classic
37 From Can Heineken Guam National Record
Kristin Lee 12:51 5-Dec-2015 Portland, OR, United States
Oregon Beer Mile 2015 - Women's Open
34 Portland, OR
Kristin S 15:29 2-Nov-2019 Tampa
2019 Tampa Beer Mile (9th Annual) and 1st Wine Mile
From Can Budweiser NY has made soft
Kristine VanKleef 11:44 13-Sep-2002 Vancouver, BC
4th Annual Gemini Beer MIle
From Can Rickards
Kristin Wenzel 11:20 29-May-2015 Spokane, WA
Hart Field Prefontaine Classic
From Can Budweiser
Kristina Wergen 15:46 19-Sep-2020 Muskego, WI
Muskego Beer Mile Fall Classic 2020
37 From Can Jam Band Berry Ale PR
Kristina Wergin 13:57 6-Jun-2020 Muskego, WI
Muskego Beer Mile
36 From Can College Street Big Blue Van PR 1st timer
Kristina Wolfe 16:40 1-Jan-2015 Durham, NC
2015 BCBR Beer Mile
25 From Can Coors