Kyle S

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of North Carolina Performance #44
Official State of North Dakota Performance #9
Official Performance Drinking Tun #14
Official Performance Drinking Abita Amber #12
Official Performance Drinking Oskar Blues Mamma's Little Yella Pils #3

46 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
kyle converse 17:30 16-Oct-2005 Steamboat Springs, CO
steamboat run for breast cancer
27 From Can keystone light still holds track record, only puker on this lovely night
Skyler Bateman 19:11 5-May-2012 Raleigh, NC
Triangle Area Runners Challenge v3.0
24 From Can Oskar Blues Mamma's Little Yella Pils Penalty lap
Kyle Brocklehurst 8:04.1 13-Jul-2019 San Francisco
West Valley Summer Classic: July 13, 2019
1st Heat
Kylen Cieslak 7:40 1-Nov-2014 Chicago, IL
7th Annual Well-Fit Beer Mile
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Kylen Cieslak 7:56 14-Jul-2012 Chicago, IL
Beer Mile #6: Le Quatorze Julliet Edition
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Kylen Cieslak 8:01 10-Nov-2012 Chicago, IL
Beer Mile Seven Minutes in Heaven
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Kylen Cieslak 8:16 10-Mar-2012 Chicago, IL
Beer Mile #5: Celebrity Edition
From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Kyle Claeys 13:33 28-Oct-2018 Stony Creek Metropark, 4300 Shelby Road, Shelby charter Township, MI, United States
IMTC 5th Annual Beer Mile
28 From Can Budweiser
Kyle Converse 11:33 26-Apr-2005 Steamboat Springs, CO
Full Moon Mile
From Can Keystone Old man wins
Kyle "Desy" Desmoreaux 23:27 26-Nov-2005 Lindsay, On
2005 Lindsay Beer Mile
25 From Can Canadian
Kyle Dobros 12:20 3-Sep-2016 Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale, Fl
2016 Virgin Dick Memorial Beermile
36 Budweiser
Kylen Fleishman 6:46.02 14-Jun-2015 Atascadero, CA
1st Annual A-Town Root Beer Invitational
18 From Can Root Beer
Kyle Gulseth 7:08.59 28-Jun-2015 Minneapolis, MN
N.E. Beer Mile
From Can Miller Lite
Kyle "John Boy" Hensley 8:05.31 5-Nov-2005 Houston, TX
2005 Fall Houston Hash Beer Mile
41 From Can Miller High Life
Kyle "John Boy" Hensley 8:45.57 30-Jul-2005 Houston, TX
2005 Summer Houston Hash Invitational Beer Mile
39 From Can Miller High Life
Kyle "John Boy" Hensley 8:53.2 14-Jul-2006 Houston, TX
2006 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
42 From Can Miller High Life
Kyle "John Boy" Hensley 9:40 18-Jul-2009 Houston, TX
2009 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
45 From Can Miller High Life
Just Kyle 16:10 23-Feb-2011 Cambridge, MA
CH3 Winter Beer Mile 2010
From Can Miller High Life
Santor "chocomania" Kyle 11:38 27-Apr-2011 Burlington, VT
Burlington Beer Mile
48 Chocolate Milk Nuumoo
Skyler May 8:35 26-Jun-2010 Irvine, CA
OC Beer Mile Championships
Kyle "Clark" McMaster 32:10 20-Feb-2016 Monrovia, CA, United States
First Worst Idea Ever Fun Tommy's Beer Mile Invitational
From Can Budweiser
Kyle Nelson 14:21.8 3-Dec-2014 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX
Flotrack 2014 Championships, Open Heat 1
23 From Can Hops & Grain Zoe
Kyle Olmstead 10:47 7-Jul-2018 Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, CA, USA
8th Annual Lesinski Invitational Beer Mile
31 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
Kyle Powers 8:39 4-Jan-2005 New Orleans, LA
ABITA New Orleans Winter 2005 Beer Mile
From Bottle Abita Amber
Kyle Powers 11:27 21-Jun-2005 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Summer Beer Mile
Kyle Roskamp 29:01 13-Jul-2018 Irvine, CA, USA
30-30-30 Challenge
25 From Can Coors Light That's 29:01 as in hours and minutes
Kyle Roskamp 44:53 22-May-2018 Irvine, CA, USA
4x4 Ice Cream Mile Challenge
25 Ice Cream Ben & Jerry's
Kyle S 10:42 24-Nov-2010 Los Gatos CA
2010 Silicon Valley Beer Mile
Kyle S. 9:34 16-May-2004 Coppell, TX
3rd Annual Coppell Chocolate Milk Mile (guys slow heat)
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Kyler Sager 8:16 19-May-2018 Bellingham, WA, USA
Squalicum twilight
22 Bud Light Platinum
Kyle "Maverick" Sanderson 13:20 24-Oct-2009 Madison SD
21 From Can Bud Light DAC Runner of the Week: 9 minute Beer Mile PR
Kyle Schamhart 10:47 16-Dec-2008 Victoria, BC
5th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
21 From Can Budweiser
Kyle Schwartz 19:26 10-Sep-2005 Morris, MN
Morris Firestorm Open
21 From Can Miller Genuine Draft
Kyle Siczak 10:22 9-Aug-2014 Penrith, NSW, Australia
The Great Bailie Beer Mile 2014
From Can Tun
Kyle Skerkowski 11:09 31-May-2014 Almonte, Ontario
1st Gemmill Beer Mile
Great debut for the non-runner
Kyle "Skinz" Skinner 20:26 28-Dec-2007 Niagara Falls, ON
1st Annual University Winter Break Beer Mile
From Can Lakeport
Kyle Somers 9:05 13-Jun-2015 San Diego, CA
North Park / SD Beer Mile
35 From Can Coors
Kyle "Fast Guy" Stanton 79:44 8-Mar-2012 Massanutten, VA
From Can Budweiser World Record Bicentennial?
Kyle "Rap Cubby" Stone 45:45 13-Dec-2014 Huntsville, AL
Rocket Shitty H3 2014 Beer Mile
46 From Can Milwaukee Best Ice
Kyle Sutterley 13:42 18-Jan-2014 San Diego, CA
1st Annual BBM
29 From Can Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Kyle "Sweendog" Sweeney 8:38 17-Nov-2017 Grand Forks, ND, United States
UND Firewater Run 2017
From Can Budweiser Took it out hot. Still a solid finish. Even had a three beer warmup. Massive improvement from last year.
Kyle Tousignant 10:18 15-Oct-2011 Toronto, ON
Skule(tm) Rugby beermile
Kyle Walsh 7:08 20-Nov-2011 Terre Haute, Indiana
2011 National's Milk Mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk
Kyle Watkins 15:58 2-Apr-1999 Plattsburgh, NY
Plattsburgh State Invitational
Kyle Westhaus 6:50 18-Nov-2015 Bellbrook, OH, United States
Centerville XC Post-Season Milk Mile 2015
16 From Cup Chocolate milk
Skyler Winchester 5:59 17-Jul-2010 Knoxville, TN
210 East Tennessee Chocolate Milk mile
From Cup Chocolate Milk